LinkedIn cleans house

These days you can’t answer your phone or open your email without being bombarded by scams, but LinkedIn is determined to make sure you can still confidently accept that invitation to join your colleague’s professional network without the same concerns.

Driving the news: The company announced new features for its direct messaging service to combat spam, scams, toxicity and fake news—problems that are more commonly associated with other platforms but are also a growing problem impacting its 875 million members. 

  • LinkedIn already removed over 137 million scam messages in 2021, but the onslaught of spammers and scammers hasn’t subsided.
  • Defeating spam is critical to the company’s success since it directly devalues the effectiveness of its paid inMail (direct messages) feature for recruiters.

Zoom out: Online scams in Canada are on the rise alongside mounting economic uncertainty. As desperate times lead to desperate measures, expect to see scams pop up in new and exciting places.