Twitter disbands its Trust and Safety council

Elon Musk’s Twitter is making some changes (again) around safety and moderation. 

What happened: Twitter has dissolved its Trust and Safety Council—an independent body of experts and organizations that advised on matters like harassment, mental health, child exploitation, and suicide prevention—less than a week after three key members resigned.

  • The remaining council members were told that Twitter’s work towards making the platform a safe and informative place will be moving “faster and more aggressively than ever before” but that it would no longer involve the council’s services.
  • Since Musk took over as CEO, Twitter has made several sweeping changes to how the company moderates content: Laying off members of its safety team, parting ways with safety head Yoel Roth, and reinstating previously banned accounts. 

Why it matters: Though the council only offered advice and lacked authority, its dissolution confirms the old ways of handling safety on Twitter are gone. Though Musk promises a better system, current automated systems have stopped a rise in hate speech as of late. 

Zoom out: Insider Intelligence projects Twitter will lose ~32 million users in the next two years, largely under-25s and over-45s, as technical issues and offensive content mount.