GM’s Super Cruise gets some super news

Good news for people whose hands get super sweaty after gripping a steering wheel for too long: GM’s advanced driver-assist system (ADAS) will soon be more available in Canada. 

What happened: GM’s Super Cruise feature will be compatible with 80,000 kilometres (up from 24,000 kilometres) of Canadian roadways by year’s end, including large parts of the Trans-Canada Highway. 

  • Unlike some other ADAS technology (like Tesla), Super Cruise can only be used on routes that GM has mapped and approved.

The feature uses a combination of real-time cameras, radar sensors, GPS data, and mapping data collected by GM to allow for hands-free driving and even lane changing. 

Why it matters: Contrary to some questionable advertising, fully-self driving cars are not yet for sale, but carmakers are making progress on the technology.

  • GM claims its still-to-be-released system for premium cars called Ultra Cruise will be able to handle 95% of driving scenarios on every paved road in Canada.

Why it matters: Tesla may have grabbed an early lead in the futuristic car race, but legacy automakers are starting to catch up with snazzy electric vehicles and, now, cars that almost drive themselves—so keep those hands on the wheel.