Golf goes Ready Player One

Golfers Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have formed TMRW Sports, a new venture partnering with the PGA Tour to drag an old-fashioned game kicking and screaming into the future. 

What happened: TMRW and the PGA have also launched a new league called the TGL: A never-before-seen ‘tech-infused’ golf league, kicking off in January 2024.

  • The league will feature six teams of three PGA players competing in prime time slots over a 15-week season, followed by playoffs. 

Why it’s happening: After some of the game’s biggest names fled to greener pastures and fatter paycheques offered by the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, the PGA has been forced to come up with new ways to retain players (before they also start losing fans).

  • Earlier this week, the tour committed to adding more prize money and guaranteeing a larger minimum salary. The TLG will now be another opportunity for players to earn.

And these won’t be your stuffy old country club tourney. Matches will take place in custom venues, featuring virtual courses mixed with physical green areas for chipping and putting. 

  • Backers say the metaverse-ish version of golf will attract fans (drawn to the flashier LIV) by giving them a close-up experience not feasible in traditional golf competitions. 

Why it matters: LIV has successfully disrupted golf forever, which could serve as a proof of concept for future breakaway leagues (soccercycling) looking to shake up other sports.