Take your pineapples on pizza somewhere else

La vita isn’t very dolce right now for Domino’s after the pizza chain failed to take off in the saucy dish’s birthplace.

Catch-up: Domino’s entered Italy in 2015 looking to capitalize on the pizza-loving market by offering a large-scale delivery service and betting consumers would be intrigued by its non-traditional (for Italy, at least) toppings like pineapple and BBQ chicken. 

What happened: Domino’s closed its 34 locations in the country after discovering that Italians and their refined palates weren’t intrigued by the chain’s foreign offerings and preferred to stick with local restaurants. 

  • Likewise, the concept of a pizza delivery guy became a lot less novel after food delivery platforms took off in Italy during the pandemic.  

Bottom line: Even after putting in tons of market research and developing a dough recipe designed specifically for the Italian market, Domino’s couldn’t figure out the customer. 

It’s no surprise that Domino’s is struggling with higher costs and a delivery driver shortage right now, but the brand truly could not be doing better in Canada: With a dedicated client base across over 525 stores, one Alberta customer shelled out $275 for a single pie recently.