WhatsApp Wants To Get To Know You Better

If you want to keep using WhatsApp, you'll need to be okay with all your data from that app being shared with Facebook. 

The chat app's new privacy policy — which users must accept by February 8th — will allow Facebook and its subsidiaries access to data and personal info collected by WhatsApp, including phone numbers, location data, and purchase history.
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The Parler Is Closed

Amazon has suspended Parler — a social network that's used frequently by right-wing extremist groups — from using its AWS cloud hosting services.

A number of other tech platforms have restricted or booted Parler from their services in the past few days. 
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Stuck In Neutral

So much for that v-shaped recovery — Canada lost 62,000 jobs in December, the first decline since April, and the unemployment rose from 8.5% to 8.6%.
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Ma Word is Bond

Could a missing man raise $8 billion in the bond market? We’re about to find out!
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Record Scratch, Freeze Frame...

...You might be wondering how the stock market got here.

The high profile DJ D-Sol, also known as Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, tells Axios “I’d be cautious” about investing in the stock market.
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True Grit

Every Friday we talk to someone doing cool stuff in Canadian business, whether they're a seasoned exec or an up-and-coming hustler.

This week we're joined by Genevieve Roch-Decter, co-founder and CEO of Business of Grit Capital.
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Queen’s Student Now World’s Richest Person

Anyone who went to Queen’s in the early 90s must be regretting not sitting next to Elon Musk in caf. The Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal etc. founder is now the world’s richest person.
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Shopify Shuts Off Trump

It’s not just social media platforms cutting off Trump, Canada’s Shopify has decided to boot the soon to be ex-prez from using their platform.
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Buh-Bye Trump: Facebook, Twitter

President Trump has finally been kicked off of the social media platforms where he’s dominated the conversation over the past four years through inflammatory posts.

The outgoing President will, at least temporarily, be banned from communicating with his 88 million Twitter followers and 35 million Facebook followers, after violence ripped through the US capitol Wednesday.
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Exit Through the Software Shop

Mississauga-based software company Prophix announced it is being acquired by UK private equity giant HG Capital for $500mil USD.
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