Rate cuts haven’t moved the housing market… yet

Sure, June’s interest rate cuts didn’t exactly ignite the housing market. But patience is a virtue.

New inflation numbers make way for rate cuts

The country's inflation rate is moving in the right direction after a little hiccup, which means we might see interest rates drop next week.

Canada’s auto theft crisis starting to cool

Cars may still be expensive, but there is some good news: It’s becoming less likely that they’ll disappear from your driveway. 

Driving the news: Auto thefts across Canada fell 17% in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2023, a cautiously optimistic sign that the country’s stolen vehicle epidemic is beginning to taper. 

Apps are trying to rescue food from the waste bin

More grocery stores in your neighbourhood could soon be offering you oddly shaped tomatoes and soon-to-be-expired cartons of yogurt for cheap.

Driving the news: Québec-based food rescue app FoodHero has begun expanding outside its home province, partnering with Sobeys parent Empire to bring its discount shopping services to over 500 grocery stores across Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and Western Canada. 

Construction of new homes is falling at the worst possible time

Nearly every government in Canada — at all levels and all political stripes — say they want more houses built. New data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) shows the opposite is happening. 

Why is Google paying billions for a company you’ve never heard of?

Tech mega-acquisitions are growing increasingly rare these days, but that isn’t stopping Google from chasing after a company that… we’ve never heard of before?

Cruises move into weekend getaway territory

The world’s second-largest cruise ship will make its maiden voyage this week, but it won’t be a long one. 

Interac plays catch-up on digital payments

Canada is the only G20 country without an updated digital payments system. Interac’s new CEO wants to change that ASAP.

Snack prices may have peaked

If you’re done paying $5 for a bag of chips (that also seems suspiciously smaller than it once did), you aren’t alone — and big snack makers are starting to take notice.

What happened: In its earnings call last week, PepsiCo reported falling revenue and shrinking demand for its snack products, many of which you’ll find in the supermarket under the Frito-Lay label.

Trump survives assassination attempt

Former President Donald Trump was injured in an apparent assassination attempt at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. 

What to do this weekend

Tennis looks for answers to pay inequity

While reigning Wimbledon champ Carlos Alcaraz raked in US$42 million last year, many of his peers wondered if they could afford to pay their coaches.

How to eat fried worms (and other insects)

Singapore is the latest country to put more bugs on the menu.

Deceptive websites and dark patterns

Have you been “confirm-shamed” by a website?

VCs are raising less money. That might not be a bad thing

Measuring the strength of Canada’s startup ecosystem by how much startups are raising leaves out a key part of the story: how much venture capitalists are raising themselves.

Christian Weedbrook on building a quantum computing company

Christian Weedbrook is the founder and CEO of Xanadu, a leading quantum computing company based in Toronto. He tells us how Canada is a great place to build a company and why he’s looking to raise $200 million to build a data centre. 

AI might not take your job, but AI experts could

AI really is taking away jobs, just not in the way you might think. 

Canada plans to hit NATO defence spending target

After being the NATO punching bag this week in D.C., Canada has finally given its allies what they wanted… sort of. 

How to get into booze collecting

Is the stock market boring you? Consider building a collection of fine spirits.

Multigenerational homes offer relief from soaring housing costs

As housing prices skyrocket, more families are shacking up to tackle the challenge.