Berries ‘n’ bees

We’ve all heard calls to save the bees and now we might be hearing calls to save the berries too as declining bee populations leave Canadian fruit crops unpollinated.
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Taking aim at Russian oil

On Sunday, G7 nations said they were standing with Ukraine for “as long as it takes” in their fight against Russia. On Monday, they translated those words into action with a plan to cap the price of Russian oil, depriving Vladimir Putin of a key revenue source.
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Canada's trendiest new campground

No, those snaking lines of people camped out in major Canadian cities aren’t trying to score tickets to a BTS concert or grab the latest and greatest limited-edition sneakers—they’re actually waiting outside the passport office in hopes of snagging one of those little blue books that will let them travel again. 

Agonizing delays at Canadian passport offices are disrupting travel plans and generally making people really mad.
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Canada commits to Ukraine for the long haul

Canada and other G7 countries committed to sticking with Ukraine in its war against Russia “for as long as it takes” at a summit over the weekend.

What happened: Along with the joint statement of support for Ukraine, G7 leaders agreed to ban gold imports from Russia and work towards capping the price they pay for Russian oil.
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There’s a new meme stock in town

Mover over GameStop, there’s a new meme stock on the block: Revlon, the once-iconic cosmetics brand, has seen its share price soar more than 600% from all-time lows last week. Oh, and did we mention the company is in bankruptcy?
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A one-star review for hybrid workplaces

Hybrid work may seem like a nice compromise between employers who want workers in seats and employees who’d rather not spend hours commuting every week, but at least one CEO disagrees: Yelp co-founder Jeremy Stoppleman called hybrid work “the hell of half measures” and says his company will be fully remote going forward in an interview with The Washington Post
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Netflix is adding ads

The rumour about Netflix’s next big move is true and, no, it’s not the one you heard about them bringing back your fave cancelled show (#GLOWSeason4Now): Ads are officially coming to the platform.
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We’re in one big housing hole

Grab a hammer and nails, we’ve got work to do: according to a new report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC), Canada needs to build 5.8 million homes by 2030 to make housing affordable again.
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Airlines must pay for delays

Canadian airlines will soon need to offer customers a refund for cancelled or delayed flights, even if the reason for the disruption is beyond the airline's control. 
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I for one welcome our new robot overlords

Amazon’s newest warehouse hires won’t have much interest in grabbing after-work drinks or signing Deborah’s birthday card—not because they’re rude, but because they’re robots. 

Amazon has introduced its first fully-autonomous mobile robot designed to safely and easily lift and move large carts around its warehouses, part of a larger effort to automate its sprawling fulfillment centres. 
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