Next Career Milestone: Becoming A TikTok Star

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio makes more than top CEOs, according to Forbes’ rankings.
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The COVID Tech Made In Canada

Vancouver-based Acuitas Therapeutics is behind the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology that Pfizer uses in its COVID jabs—now, Pfizer is licensing their technology to use in treatments for other diseases.
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The Real Cost Of Climate Disasters

Insurers will pay over CA$2 billion to settle climate-related claims from last year, but taxpayers are on the hook for billions more.
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What’s Next For Canadian Small Biz

The Canadian government extended the deadline for small businesses to pay back emergency loans—one of the most widely used pandemic relief programs. 
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TMac vs. DMack

Canada’s annual pace of inflation has been hanging at around 5% in recent months, levels not seen 2003.RBC’s CEO Dave McKay tells Bloomberg that the Bank of Canada needs to take quick action by hiking interest rates. 


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Where’s The Oil?

Oil prices peaked to ~US$83 a barrel for the first time in two months, reflecting low stockpiles and stronger consumption than many observers had expected.
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A Case For Breaking Up Meta

Here to find out if the second time really is a charm, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been granted permission to move forward with another antitrust case against Facebook.
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Vendasta Doesn’t Need Your $$

Saskatoon-based Vendasta Technologies announced its second acquisition since the software company dropped plans to go public in favour of financing, per The Globe and Mail
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Get Jabbed or Get Fined

Quebec Premier François Legault said the province will slap a “significant” fine on unvaccinated residents in the coming weeks.
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How Legal Are Crypto Ads?

Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges are bothered with the new kid in town, expressing concern over Singapore-based Crypto.com’s advertising push, per The Globe and Mail.
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