Shopify expands its options

Shopify is rolling out over 100 new products and features as the company looks to get a leg-up on its biggest threat, a scrappy young upstart called Amazon. 
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Loblaws wants you to dine and Dash

Loblaws has partnered with DoorDash to launch a new rapid grocery delivery service that promises to get customers their fave foodstuffs in 30 minutes or less, available in 12 Canadian cities by the end of August.
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Inflation line goes up

You probably didn’t need Statistics Canada to tell you that everything is getting more expensive, but just in case there was any doubt yesterday’s inflation numbers for May confirmed that prices are rising faster than at any point since 1983.
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Cineplex says join the club or pay extra

Canadian moviegoers checking out the latest blockbuster at Cineplex locations might have another expenditure to contend with (besides $12 popcorn) as the country’s largest theatre chain is introducing a $1.50 booking fee for tickets purchased online. 
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TikTok’s data debacle

TikTok announced that Oracle’s cloud servers will be the new home of US users’ data, but a new report from Buzzfeed detailing how state-side user data was repeatedly accessed from China has many wondering who exactly knows what weird cooking videos we’ve been watching on the app.   
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The doctor will see you… next year

Canada’s healthcare system is teetering on the brink of crisis and governments must act swiftly to avoid a full-blown meltdown, according to a growing chorus of top doctors and medical leaders.
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Europe pivots back to coal

Running low on natural gas imported from Russia, European countries are turning to coal in a bid to lower energy prices and avoid shortages.
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Canada’s camp counsellor shortages

First, it was beaches and pools running short on lifeguards. Now, another flagship job of ‘80s teen comedy protagonists is facing a shortage, as Canadian summer camps struggle to find enough camp counsellors to meet the end-of-school-year rush. 
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The plastic ban is finally coming

Get your metal straws and tote bags ready, because the age of single-use plastic items is coming to an end in Canada as the federal government rolls out its long-anticipated plan to ban disposable plastic items like bags, cutlery, and containers. 
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Competition heats up in Canadian Arctic

Melting sea ice in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago has opened a new path that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Now countries are rushing in to stake their claim, per The Wall Street Journal

What happened: A group of Alaskan, Finnish and Japanese companies have partnered to build a 14,000-kilometre undersea communications cable running through the Northwest Passage, which goes around Canadia’s most northern islands and loops under Greenland. 
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