Price To Pay

China fined Toronto-based Canada Goose over what it claims are misleading ads, per Bloomberg. 
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Not Quite Self-Driving

Tesla will release its full self-driving (FSD) software starting on Friday for American customers. Elon Musk first announced the news in August on, you guessed it, Twitter. 
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Not The Edible Kind

And not the semiconductor kind of chips either: Boston-based biotech firm Emulate raised US-$82 million to develop their "organ-on-a-chip" technology.
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Bullish On Bitcoin

El Salvador became the first country to make bitcoin legal currency yesterday. 
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"Do I Sound Like A Human?"

Toronto-based Cohere raised US-$40 million yesterday according to the Globe.
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This Wasn't The Plan

Ontario-based Facedrive may file for bankruptcy as early as this month.
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Big Green Boat

Leading shipping industry representatives are calling for a global levy on emissions from ships.
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It's Brutal Out Here

Pop star Olivia Rodrigo will pay millions in royalties to artists she drew inspiration from, according to Billboard. 
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Where Are The Americans?

Timbits aren’t enough to draw them in: Americans aren’t flooding our land border like we expected would happen after restrictions for tourists were lifted.
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Deals On Deals

Quebec-based ShopperPlus scored $20 million in Series A funding. 
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