Time up for TikTok?

A federal agency has very quietly decided the government shouldn’t be using TikTok.

China and Russia buddy up

As the invasion of Ukraine heads into its one-year mark, China is making new overtures to Russia.

How to help immigrants find the right work

As Canada opens its arms wider than Mr. Fantastic to address labour shortages, a new RBC report delves into some roadblocks that newcomers face in the current system.

Four-day work week picks up speed

Would you be interested in reviewing some promising research from an advocacy group called “4-Day Week Global”? So would we.

Canada pulls up to help out Haiti

Canada will deploy two naval vessels to the coasts of Haiti that will be tasked with monitoring the waters around the capital city of Port-au-Prince. 

Home Depot does the wage bump jump

If you’re anything like us, a trip to Home Depot involves asking a lot of questions like, “What is this? or “Will this injure me?” or “What even is the difference between a nut and a bolt?” Soon, those friendly faces in orange aprons will get a raise for putting up with this ordeal.

The one thing Gen Z doesn’t want to talk about

Teddy Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy,” and it rings true for Gen Z—over a third reported feeling “left behind” because they don’t measure up to the lavish lifestyles they see online and it’s made money talk a taboo topic.

Court cases could mean the end of the feed

A pair of lawsuits headed to the US Supreme Court this week threaten to deal a major blow to Big Tech by really messing up your feed.

Battery recycling breakthrough

Toronto’s Electra Battery Materials Corp. has made a breakthrough in how electric vehicle batteries are recycled.

Meta’s blue check pivot

Nice little account you got there… Meta wonders if you’d pay to protect it?

What are those big red boots?

If you’ve been on social media, you’ve probably come across a pair of red boots that look stolen off the feet of a claymation clown and wondered to yourself: “What are these things?”

China tried to sway election, CSIS reports

You can now add electoral influence to your list of “things the West and China are fighting about” in addition to spy balloons, research funding, and real estate investing.

Golden visas lose their shine

If you’re a zillionaire looking to ditch Canadian winters and live it up on the Portuguese coast, we have some bad news: You can no longer “invest” your way into residency. 

Canadian women’s soccer fights for equality

The Canadian women’s national soccer team (CWNT) ____ by a score of ____ against the US in their first game of the SheBelieves Cup. However, their biggest match-up is happening off the pitch.

How high can brand name prices go?

A word of advice if you find yourself on “The Price is Right” in the near future: Do not underestimate the prices of packaged consumer goods. 

World Bank Chief calls it quits

World Bank chief David Malpass will step down over a year before his tenure ends, giving the Biden administration a coveted opening to fill by June of next year.

Canada’s re-re-ticketing problem

Last year, over 40,000 migrants entered Canada through an unofficial border crossing linked with Québec. In the last six months, the feds have relocated over 5,300 to other provinces

A good house is hard to find

The Bank of Canada has promised to stop hiking interest rates. Housing developers are really hoping that’s true.

Bing’s new chatbot is a little too human

Tired of having needless arguments that don’t go anywhere with your friends, family, and co-workers? Now you can have them with your search engine instead!