Rogers looks to the stars

Rogers wants you to look past The Great Outage and get excited that it has inked a new deal with SpaceX and Lynk Global to bring satellite wireless service to remote areas. 

What happened: Rogers will tap into SpaceX and Lynk's network of satellites to offer cell services in remote areas (including those long stretches of highway where you get one bar if you're lucky).

Microsoft’s gaming deal gets hard blocked

Microsoft’s proposed US$69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is in jeopardy after the UK’s competition regulator delivered, to put it in gamer parlance, a 360 no-scope kill shot. 

Don’t get a private mortgage without an exit plan

If you've tried to get a mortgage through one of the country's big six banks but found yourself unable to meet their strict qualifying standards, an alternative lender could be a solution—but make sure you know the risks involved.

CN Rail is on the move to Mexico

Pizza Pizza isn’t the only Canadian entity heading to Mexico. Soon, Canadian railcars will be making like us on Spring Break and taking trips down south.

Bill C–11 will pass… eventually

The contentious Bill C-11, or The Online Streaming Act, is set to pass in the Senate any day now. Here are the latest developments, drama, and everything in between. 

Bing vs. Bard

Google parent Alphabet and Microsoft kicked off Big Tech earnings yesterday… and things actually went pretty well? 

The right to repair could save you a lot of cash

It’s a conundrum almost every consumer can relate to: you go to get something repaired only to find out it’s cheaper to buy a brand new one. That’s why the federal government is looking to make it easier for people to repair their own things. 

Driving the news: The 2023 federal budget introduced a goal to give Canadians the "right to repair" the stuff the buy.

Canada’s largest port is getting an upgrade

The Port of Vancouver is planning a serious update, but let’s just say it’s going to be a bit more complicated than updating your phone’s operating system or your LinkedIn headshot.

Labour strike hits the ports

If you’re looking to renew your passport, apply for Canadian citizenship, or send a 40-foot shipping container’s worth of stuff anywhere, this might not be your week. 

Pizza Pizza heads south

Pizza Pizza’s newest development has the potential to grow its business exponentially. And no, we’re not talking about the innovative dip roller.

Bed Bath & Beyond goes belly up

Bed Bath & Beyond, the home goods retailer known for sky-high merch displays and really bright lighting, has finally thrown in the towel and filed for bankruptcy

Airline passenger rights get some teeth

The federal government is about to make it easier for you to win arguments with airlines’ customer service departments.

Driving the news: Transport Minister Omar Alghabra is expected to announce new rules today that will make it more difficult for airlines to avoid compensating passengers for flight delays and cancellations, per The Globe & Mail.

What to do this weekend

Our recommendations for what to eat, read, watch, and listen to this weekend.

Marty Weintraub on why prices are rising

In a recent report, Scotiabank economist Derek Holt concluded the latest Canadian retail sales data “probably told us nothing about the state of the Canadian consumer.” 

Luckily, we have Marty Weintraub on next week’s episode of Free Lunch By The Peak to dive into what’s happening in retail, like why prices are rising and when they’ll stop. 

Regulators go after high fashion

If we learned anything from House of Gucci, it’s that the fashion biz isn’t always pretty.

If Apple calls, don’t pick up

Ok so, Apple has been peeping at your chaotic, rambling Notes entries and finally decided to roll out a journaling app. Of course, we’re kidding… kind of.

BuzzFeed News is no more

After over ten years in operation, BuzzFeed has pulled the plug on its news division.

The federal strike’s economic impact

As Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) workers hit the picket line, their fight for higher wages could disrupt more than just your spring travel plans.

Canada can’t hit NATO’s target

Every friend group has that one buddy that’s happy to have all the fun but let someone else foot the bill. In NATO, Canada might be that guy.  

Trying to keep Canadian stocks Canadian

There are many reasons to be proud to be Canadian, but some Canuck companies are feeling a lot less patriotic when it comes to going public these days.