The Amazon cuts begin

Not long after warning of a slowdown around what is usually a busy holiday season, Amazon has become the latest company to cut jobs to brace for a potential economic downturn. 

Sens for sale

In the mood for a big splashy purchase that’ll make everyone jealous? Why not bring together your closest billionaire friends and buy a professional hockey team? 

EV dreams remain out of reach

More Canadians than ever want to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV), but most won’t be able to plant their butt in a driver’s seat anytime soon. 

Smart shopping can tame your grocery bill

Food prices are the highest they’ve been in 40 years, and a new survey shows how far Canadians are going to stay afloat as grocery bills continue to rise. 

Children's medicine shortage strains healthcare system

Every parent knows that this time of year is rough when it comes to kids getting sick (best not to think about what sort of germs are floating around the typical classroom), but this cold and flu season is shaping up to be historically bad. 

Driving the news: Parents are taking desperate measures to get care and medicine for their kids as a spike in respiratory viruses overwhelms pediatric hospitals and supply chains for common medications break down.

US military enlists Canada for critical mineral build-out

The US military is looking to fund mining projects in Canada to boost friendly supplies of critical minerals, like lithium and cobalt, per the CBC.

Why it matters: Canada is not a significant producer of most critical minerals, but that could change if the US military tosses a few hundred million dollars into the sector.

FTX goes bust

A lot can change in a week. One day, you’re running one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, rubbing shoulders with Tom Brady, and being touted as the “king” of your industry. The next, you’re giving up your job at the helm and signing US bankruptcy papers. 

How will Twitter stay afloat?

Amazon cuts costs

After becoming the first company to lose $1 trillion in market valuation (yes, ever), Amazon is taking a long, hard look at its business, because something just ain’t right.

NASA’s new satellite is here to help the planet

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, NASA launched JPSS-2—its newest satellite, which will join a global observation system that analyzes the Earth’s weather patterns. 

Soon we’ll all be AI artists

Just a few months ago, text-to-image AI seemed like super-futuristic tech reserved solely for hardcore researchers. Now, it’s available for free on one of the most popular design apps.


Cost-cutting is the name of the corporate game these days, and WeWork is no exception. 

Travel insurance isn’t perfect, but it’s peace of mind

With all the chaos in air travel, Santa might be the only person taking to the skies this holiday season who won't need travel insurance—but assuming you don't have your own flying reindeer to keep you on schedule, you might be wondering if it's worth adding travel insurance to your holiday bookings. 

Binance backs out

Crypto appears headed for some very dark times...

Binance says it will walk away from an offer to acquire beleaguered rival FTX, after discovering the company’s books were in complete shambles.

Non-alcoholic bevvies are in

Once upon a time, non-drinkers out on the town had the choice of pop, water, or nothing… that’s no longer the case as companies rush to create options for booze-free booze.

Big Tech pain, Small Tech gain

The Big Tech carnage continued as Meta laid off 13% of its workforce (~11,000 workers), in the largest staff reduction in the tech industry this year.

Conditions for healthcare money apply

The federal government will dish out money to fix provincial healthcare—hooray! 

There’s just one small catch: Provinces must commit to building (and contributing data to) a national health system that would increase transparency around how that money is spent. 

Rise of the unretired

Retirees used to spend their time sunning in Florida. These days, they’re going back to work