ChatGPT is a mean gossip

Ever get the feeling people are talking about you behind your back? It’s probably nothing… but a growing number of people have discovered that AI bots are talking about them—and they aren’t saying very nice things.

Driving the news: A local politician in Australia says ChatGPT falsely claimed that he was convicted of bribery, and has begun the process of launching a defamation lawsuit against the tool’s maker, OpenAI. 

Why Google can’t fire Germans

Europe’s strict labour laws are slowing down the international leg of the tech layoff tour. 

24 Sussex is in literal shambles

When 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s official residence since 1951, was shut down over health concerns last year, we thought, “How bad could things possibly be?” 

Why Apple is heading to India

Apple’s first-ever retail store in India is set to open any day now, but that’s hardly the only move the giant-est tech giant is making into the world’s fastest-growing major economy.

Ontario prescribes more foreign-trained docs

It will soon be easier than ever for Ontarians to find a doctor with a charming accent.

Friendshoring isn’t so friendly

To paraphrase The Beatles, we can always get by with a little help from our friends… but maybe we shouldn’t rely on them too much.

Investors are selling TD short

Don’t freak out, but global investors are staking a lot of money on one of Canada’s biggest banks hitting some seriously choppy waters.

How inflation is driving the Single’s Tax higher

One isn’t just the loneliest number—it’s also the most expensive, thanks to the "single's tax."

Cities are haunted by ghost offices

Canada’s downtown cores aren’t quite ghost towns, but their offices are eerily quiet.

Twitter’s verified check mess

Today in news we wish was an April Fool’s joke, Twitter is all in on pay-to-play. 

NATO brings in the Finns

The happiest people on earth have joined the West’s most important military alliance.

You may need to add a tourist tax to your vacay budget

If 2022 was the year of “revenge travel,” then 2023 is the year of “tourism taxes” as countries and cities around the globe implement fees for visitors to enter, looking to cash in on the surge in travel demand.

Aritzia might have stolen some art

Canadian clothier Aritzia has made bank as it expands in the US, but a copyright infringement suit against its viral storefront sculptures could make its pockets a little lighter.

NASA picks its space Canuck

For Ontario’s Jeremy Hansen, the sky is not the limit. NASA is sending him to deep space.

The UFC and WWE tag-team up

Hot off of WrestleMania, the world’s largest pro wrestling company is linking up with the world’s biggest mixed martial arts brand to bodyslam their way to bigger broadcast deals.

Navy calls for all hands on deck

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is hoping to say ahoy to more mateys amid a shortage in the service.

Canada warns of clean energy subsidy war

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Ask us after a trip to all-you-can-eat-sushi, and we’ll say yes. Get top federal officials talking about clean energy funding, and these days they just might agree.

What to do this weekend

Our recommendations for what to eat, read, watch, and listen to this weekend.

Rogers-Shaw is a done deal

Well, it took 746 days, a tribunal, four deadline extensions, and a whole whack of explainers, but the end is finally here for the telecoms saga you’ve kinda, sorta been paying attention to. 

Why is everyone still buying snowmobiles?

It seems like everywhere you look, companies are feeling the economic pinch… so how is a Canadian Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo maker still managing to rake in billions?