It’s getting more expensive to go to kids’ holiday recitals

If you have (or know any) children, you may have had the delight of attending at least one year-end recital this month. You may have also noticed that a night of watching them scamper in the spotlight has become pricier than ever

So long to forever chemicals

3M will stop making and using “forever chemicals” by the end of 2025, amid growing concern from governments and the public that the substances can cause serious health problems.

Beware of the plastics

A nationwide ban on the production and import of some single-use plastic items, including grocery bags, cutlery, straws (remember those?), and takeout containers, is now in effect

How to beat the “Christmas creep”

For many of us, "Christmas creep"—the pressure to create a memorable Christmas—can turn what’s supposed to be a relaxing and joyful time into one of stress and anxiety. This year, the problem may be getting worse.

Hopping off the EV bandwagon

It seems like most carmakers are aboard the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon these days… 

Epic Games pays up $520M

Epic Games, maker of the popular video game Fortnite, has agreed to pay US$520 million to resolve two US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints.

Will Elon step down?

Elon Musk asked Twitter users via poll—his preferred decision-making method lately—if he should step down as the head of Twitter. Of over 17.5 million responses, 57.5% said yes.

Give the gift of thrift

How many gifts have you bought this year? Between friends, family and co-workers, the average Canadian household will spend over $1,500 on gift-giving, but you can cut that cost by shifting to a new way of purchasing presents.

Europe agrees on world’s first carbon border tax

European Union countries agreed on the details of the world’s first carbon border tax over the weekend, a deal one negotiator described as “the biggest climate law ever in Europe,” per the Financial Times.

What happened: The EU’s new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will force companies to pay a tax on goods imported from countries without carbon pricing.

The next World Cup will look a bit different

If it didn’t feel quite right cracking a beer at 10 am to enjoy with your World Cup viewing this year, here’s some good news: The 2026 tournament will be in a more familiar timezone, with Canada, Mexico, and the US splitting hosting duties—and it’s going to look a lot different than what we just saw in Qatar.

Driving the news: The next World Cup will expand to include a record 48 teams, up from the 32 that competed in Qatar. 

Blocked and reported

As Elon Musk’s Twitter faces increasing backlash, the billionaire has shown he’s not afraid to rule the platform with an iron fist. 

Catchin’ cleaner flights

Wouldn’t you love to fly across the world knowing you weren’t also contributing to climate change? Well, soon that dream could become a reality.

A rough year for tech

Shopify has had a stunningly bad year, but then again, so have most tech companies. 

The dark side of TikTok

It’s not just viral dances and fun sketches: TikTok is also serving its teenage users a steady diet of harmful content, including videos related to self-harm and eating disorders, according to a new report that analyzed dummy accounts in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. 

Social media stock scammers face charges

Social media is rife with sketchy investment advice from influencers flaunting flashy cars and colossal mansions claiming that you—yes you—could also lead a life of luxury if you just listen to their advice (and buy their products, of course).

Would it surprise you to learn that some of these people are scammers?

Big moves in Canada’s beer biz

Pour yourself a cold one (or maybe not if you’re reading this at 9 am) and let us tell you about the latest major shake-up in Canada’s beer industry. 

Would one day a week in the office really be that bad?

There’s lots to love about remote work—it saves time, money and the stress of choosing what to wear every morning. But a survey found the key to an even happier work-from-home life could be getting into the office once a while, too. 

China’s deepening Covid crisis

In the week since China drastically rolled back its draconian Covid restrictions in response to nationwide protests, the virus has torn through the nation with reckless abandon.

Google’s not so hot on ChatGPT

In recent days, the internet has been filled with clamour about ChatGPT (OpenAI’s wildly popular answer-generating AI chatbot) and how it could one day take on Google Search

Google has now responded by telling everyone to take a serious chill pill.