Let’s talk about Bell Let’s Talk

The days of tweeting #BellLetsTalk (and giving yourself a little pat on the back for it) have come to an end as the telecom giant revamps its famous mental health campaign. 

The rise of food-recovery apps

If you’re looking to save some money on groceries (and who amongst us isn’t), some startups are hoping you’ll drop the coupon clipping in favour of mystery grab bags. 

The pitfalls of buying pre-construction real estate

Real estate analysts and experts are on the same page for the future of home prices in Canada this year—they’re going down. That’s bringing attention to some of the financial pitfalls of buying pre-construction real estate.

Canada’s new jet set

After watching the new Top Gun, we’ve realized that fighter jets are super cool. We also suspect the timing of the government’s first jet order in three decades is no coincidence. 

First look into gig work

In what’s basically a rite of passage for any sector of the economy looking to be taken seriously, Stats Canada is now officially tracking the hard data around gig work. 

No more Noma

If paying upwards of $670 to eat reindeer brain custard at the world’s best restaurant is on your bucket list, you have until 2024 to secure a reservation (so start calling in favours).

China cracks down on deepfakes

China will restrict “deepfakes” (realistic-looking but fake photos or videos generated by artificial intelligence technology) under new regulations coming into effect tomorrow. 

Why it matters: China’s regulations mark the first major effort in the world to tackle the growing problems associated with AI capable of generating realistic media.

Three Amigos set to meet in Mexico

The leaders of Canada, the US, and Mexico will meet in Mexico City for the North American Leaders’ Summit this week—and for a trio dubbed the “Three Amigos,” they’ll have plenty to bicker about. 

Canada’s job growth zooms past expectations

Like a beefy bro at the gym, Canada’s seeing some serious gains. Job gains from last month, that is.

The AI hype train goes full-steam ahead

As attention shifts away from the absolutely ancient fad of crypto, AI startups are now taking centre stage.

Heading north for diabetes drugs

Canadians have long headed to the US to shop, but the trend is reversing as Americans flock north to get their hands on a diabetes drug that’s gone viral for its weight loss effects.

Home prices tank

If you think of Canada’s housing market like a roller coaster, we’re at the part where the cart turns over the top of the drop, and you can’t help but wonder: “Why did I get on this thing?” 

Canada’s oil sands have a big year ahead of them

As Canada ramps up efforts to meet its lofty decarbonization goals, the country’s oil sands are scrambling to keep up.

The world’s biggest consumer tech show

CES, the world’s biggest tech trade show, kicked off yesterday in sunny and sinful Las Vegas with tech companies big and small ready to show off new gizmos and gadgets.

Ready, set, recession

Whispers of a recession we’ve been hearing for some time are turning into audible groans as the economy struggles under the weight of rising interest rates. So now is a good time to ask: Are you (and your finances) prepared for a potential downturn? 

Europe’s natural gas miracle

The (figurative, economic) storm clouds are starting to break in Europe as peak inflation has come and gone—thanks to sliding natural gas prices.

The Great Retraining

What comes after a surge in employee turnover? A surge of untrained employees.

Ukraine’s digital defenders

On New Year’s Day, Ukraine carried out a hugely successful strike on a Russian military site, and reportedly pulled it off by locating soldiers using their cell phones—a sign of Ukraine’s ongoing technological prowess in the warzone.

SBF pleads not guilty

Former FTX CEO and ex-“Next Warren Buffet” Sam Bankman-Friend (known by friends and the entire internet as SBF) maintained his innocence in court yesterday while facing charges that could land him up to 115 years in the big house.