Debt ceiling drama

Folks, it’s time to talk about the US debt ceiling. We can already sense your eyelids drooping, but—stick with us here—this is important stuff.

Getting a mortgage might get a lot harder

The country’s banking regulator has proposed creating more stringent lending rules that would make it more difficult to quality for a mortgage.

Canada sends weapons

Russia is thought to be preparing for a major offensive in the war with Ukraine. Ukraine’s top general, Valery Zaluzhny, wants 300 Western tanks and 600 vehicles to help fend it off.

Dating gets pricier

If it wasn’t bad enough that the cost of dating (read: rising restaurant prices) has skyrocketed, now the cost of landing a date is also on its way up.

Dividing the skies

Air Canada and WestJet have been cutting domestic flight routes in recent months, a move that one business group thinks is fishier than an in-flight meal.

More trouble in Tesla-land

It feels like we write this every few months, but here we go again: Elon Musk is heading to court.

What China’s shrinking population means for the rest of the world

China’s GDP grew only 3% last year, well below government targets and the country’s slowest growth rate since 1976 (aside from 2020, because of you know what). And somehow, that’s not even the worst news China got yesterday.

New drinking guidelines may not go down smooth

If you’re doing dry January, maybe just keep at it for a while—at least, that’s what new national guidelines on alcohol intake would recommend.

AI wrote my homework

The days of take-home essays and tests may be over, as a new wave of generative artificial intelligence (AI) forces a rethink of traditional classroom learning.

Clearco’s unclear future

Life is a fickle thing. Just ask Michele Romanow. One day you’re the face of a Heineken advertising campaign. The next, you’re stepping down as the CEO of your company.

Workers want a cushion for their career

As layoffs spread faster than a TikTok dance craze, workers are trying to get ahead by securing new jobs before the corporate axe comes a-chopping. 

Why mico-weddings are big business these days

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love, but between the attire, cake, table linens and four-course meals for hundreds of guests, they can quickly turn into an anchor of debt. That growing cost has more newlyweds opting for money-conscious matrimonies. 

VIPs touch down in Davos

Fuel up the PJ (that’s a private jet, for those of you who missed Succession) and pack your best Patagonia vest because the World Economic Form’s (WEF) annual hobnob in Davos kicks off this week.

Catch up: For decades, Davos has been one of the premier settings for casual chit-chat among the global political and business elite.

Feds pitch plan for quantum science

The federal government unveiled plans to spend $360 million on Canada’s quantum science sector to secure the country’s position as a leader in the space (and if everything goes to plan, render all your devices obsolete).

Why it matters: Canada has been a pioneer in the quantum computing space, but with rivers of money now flowing into the sector—$16.4 billion within the next four years, by one estimate—we risk losing our early lead. 

Shock your way to fitness

Almost 30% of Canadians say their New Year’s resolution is to improve their fitness. Now, more and more gyms are advocating for one weird trick that could help: Electrocution.

Not-so-private markets

BMO is linking up with Toronto tech financier Georgian to bring down the wall between investors and privately held technology companies.

Egg prices are no yolk

Whether you like them scrambled, poached, or raw like Rocky Balboa, one yolky Canadian grocery staple is about to get cheaper. Though not as cheap as they could be.

Turmoil hits China’s real estate market

The Chinese government has been trying to take some of the air out of an inflated real estate market, but it’s not going to be a soft landing.

Canada and Mexico's big trade win

Like all good friends, Canada, the US, and Mexico sometimes get into squabbles. Luckily, they have a panel of unbiased trade experts on-hand to help resolve them.