Real estate investing cools off with monster mortgage payments

Homeownership is a milestone that we've been told is one of the keys to financial security and an important investment, but with the mortgage payments steadily rising for many new homeowners, that may no longer be the case.

Hertz pays out on false arrest settlement

Rental cars can be the worst. Be it lumpy seats, a lingering odour from previous passengers, or, if you use Hertz, the potential of being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit.  

A historic inverted yield curve

Folks, Canada’s got a serious case of the ol’ “inverted yield curve.”

FTX fallout hits stablecoins

Apple has a China problem

Apple is accelerating plans to relocate more of its iPhone production out of China after violent protests swept Zhengzhou (also known as “iPhone City”) last month, per The Wall Street Journal.

Why it matters: Among big Western companies, Apple stands out for its close links with China’s government and level of dependence on the country as a manufacturing hub—its decision to move operations out of the country is an indicator of weakness in China’s economy.

Europe bans Russian oil

Western efforts to starve Russia of its oil revenue kick into a new gear today with a double-pronged attack on its energy exports. 

Driving the news: A European ban on the seaborne import of Russian oil came into effect today, along with a G7-imposed price cap meant to stop other countries from buying Russian oil at high prices.

Starting at Covid Zero

For the first time, China’s President Xi Jinping has publicly acknowledged the protests that have erupted across the country in response to the government’s strict anti-Covid measures. 

Volkswagen sets its sights on Canada

Volkswagen is setting its sights on Canada for a new electric vehicle (EV) battery factory after a recently signed agreement effectively added the country to a shortlist of potential locations for the company’s expansion to North America.

AI chat levels up

Today in “the tech we wish was around when we were still in school,” a new AI bot just dropped that’s able to write poetry, explain scientific concepts, write code, and much more.

LinkedIn cleans house

These days you can’t answer your phone or open your email without being bombarded by scams, but LinkedIn is determined to make sure you can still confidently accept that invitation to join your colleague’s professional network without the same concerns.

Rising rates drive exceptional earnings for banks

You won’t be surprised to hear that Canada’s big banks are raking in cash during a positive earnings season, but some are doing unusually well and have higher interest rates to thank.

Is Neuralink the real deal?

Elon Musk took a quick break from social media stardom to shift back to mad scientist mode, claiming that his company, Neuralink, will start implanting chips into human brains in as little as six months. 

Gen Zs embrace frugal dating

 Financial responsibility is becoming more attractive these days, as dating cheaply becomes the latest dating trend. 

Ski-Doo’s big year

Tough economic times mean that consumers have to take a good, hard look at what they buy, limiting purchases to only the essentials like groceries, rent, and… snowmobiles?

Why Spotify rules the year in review

 Happy Spotify Wrapped Day to all who celebrate! And apologies to all who don’t (hey there, Apple Music users) because your Insta stories are about to give you some major FOMO.

Can’t buy me love (cause I can’t afford it)

Being a “cheap” date used to be a bit of an insult, but now it’s a way to get money-savvy suitors to your doorstep as single people trim their romance budgets. 

Using genetic genealogy to solve cold cases

While you’re using DNA testing services to explore your neanderthal ancestry, the police are using the same data to solve crimes. 

Nestle isn’t nuts about its allergy medication

Nestlé isn’t the first company that comes to mind when you think of Big Pharma. And considering how their rollout of a new allergy drug is going, it’ll probably stay that way.