Fake meat, real problems

A top exec getting arrested for biting someone’s nose is somehow not Beyond Meat’s biggest concern these days. As of late, the plant-based meat market has crumbled more than pea-protein ground beef.  

Taking a chainsaw to the magic money tree

The British economy is experiencing some serious turbulence—or an omnishambles, they might say across the pond—as investors give a big thumbs down to the UK government’s new fiscal plan.

Voting on the future of the internet

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the UN body responsible for setting global communications standards, will elect its new leader this week—a decision that could shape the future of the internet.  

Hard landing ahead

Canada is headed for a moderate recession beginning next quarter mainly due to rising interest rates, according to an economic forecasting model developed by Oxford Economics.

Driving the news: There’s now a 63% chance of a recession in the next six months, according to the model, a probability threshold that has been passed in four of Canada’s six most recent recessions.

Troops deployed in wake of Fiona’s “total devastation”

Canadian troops arrived in Nova Scotia to help clean up in the wake of Fiona, a hurricane-strength post-tropical storm that swept through the region over the weekend. 

Catch up: The storm left more than half a million people in Atlantic Canada without power on Saturday, and 344,000 outages were still being reported as of Sunday (including almost the entirety of Prince Edward Island), according to PowerOutage.com.

Canada wants in on Indo-Pacific

After the slap in the face that was being left out of the US’s Indo-Pacific trade framework earlier this year, Canada is revamping efforts to increase its influence in the region.

Buying now, paying later

Buy now pay later services (BNPL) are coming to your local farmer’s market.

That’s right—soon you’ll have the option to pay for your artisanal soap haul in four payments as Block rolls out BNPL options for vendors on its point-of-sale platform, Square. 

One-way tickets out of Russia are booming

Russia’s decision to mobilize its military reserves for the first time since WWII has triggered a crisis in the country, as protests erupt and men flee to countries still welcoming Russians.  

South Korea visits Canada

Forget maple syrup and Tim’s franchises—the Canadian exports everyone’s clamouring for these days are critical minerals and natural gas. 

The latest country to express interest? South Korea.

Don’t speak French? Good luck in Quebec

The unexpected casualty of Quebec’s new language laws: OtterBoxes. 

A new airline enters Canadian skies

Watch out, Air Canada and West Jet: A new airline has entered the skies.

TikTok wants out of politics

Raise your hand if your spam folder is full of unanswered pleas for campaign donations! 

Hands up? Ok, well, the bad news is, those e-mails might keep coming. But the good news is that your TikTok feed will be free of politicians begging you for money. 

Beep boop, would you like fries with that?

This is a story about Flippy, Sippy, and Chippy. No, they’re not Snap, Crackle, and Pop knockoffs, but a trio of robots that could soon be serving up your fast food order.

What the languishing loonie means for you

Congratulations to anyone with any US dollars sitting around from that last trip down south, because the currency is on a tear. 

The loonie is sitting at its lowest levels against the US dollar in two years as rising geopolitical tensions, specifically Russia’s not-so-subtle nuclear threats and military mobilization, leave investors looking for safe places to park their money. 

Russia wants a slice of Eastern Ukraine

Russian-installed leaders in the occupied Eastern Ukrainian provinces of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia announced plans for referendums to officially join Russia.

Reading with Spotify

Spotify has launched a long-awaited audiobook feature, a small step toward becoming the be-all for audio and one giant leap toward seriously complicating your Spotify Wrapped.

Inflation's down

Canadian consumer prices fell 0.3% last month, the biggest monthly drop in two years. 

Building back Ukraine

Ukraine’s war efforts have garnered positive results recently, but the same can’t be said for the country’s economic prospects. 

Uncensoring the cloud

Rumble, a video site that bills itself as a free speech alternative to YouTube, is planning to use the cash injection from its public offering to build its own cloud service and ad network.