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Burger King gobbles up franchises

Restaurant Brands International (RBI) — a very fake-sounding Toronto-based company that is the very real owner of Tim Hortons and Burger King — just ordered 1,000 juicy franchises. 

What happened: RBI agreed to pay US$1 billion for Carrols Restaurant Group, the largest U.S. franchisee of Burger Kings.

Can broke universities afford the humanities?

Add ‘school potentially going bankrupt’ to the list of reasons we’re happy we’re not in college anymore, alongside gruelling mid-terms and questionable dining hall food. 

Driving the news: Queen’s University’s provost (basically its CEO) warned that the prestigious institution faces a $48 million deficit this year and could go out of business if it doesn’t straighten up, balance the books, and slash outstanding expenses. 

Olympic beer sponsor bets big on non-alcoholic trend

The world’s biggest brewer is hoping that their newest sponsorship deal will capture sports fans who may be considering extending their Dry January’s.

What happened: Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev has signed a deal with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to become the first-ever global beer sponsor for the next three Olympic games, a platform the company will use to pump the tires on a non-alcoholic beer.  

Carta’s crisis is about more than trust (but trust is still a big deal)

Carta, the most popular platform for startups to manage equity and ownership info, has spent the week defending how it handles that data.

Amazon’s illegal bestseller

Amazon has rightfully earned the title of “the everything store.” Unfortunately, everything happens to include illegal weapons.

Driving the news: An illegal switchblade sold on Amazon as a “camping knife" achieved “#1 Best Seller” status on the platform before the listing was taken down last week, a CBC investigation found. 

Can Aritzia regain its shine?

Hold on to your Super Puffs Aritzia fans, the clothier is in a weird place these days.  

Driving the news: Canadian clothing retailer Aritzia dropped its quarterly earnings report, posting a net revenue increase of 5%. But the company also saw net income drop a whopping 39% due to more markdowns as it tried to get its inventory in check — rarely a great sign for a popular brand.

Is the tech market recovering or struggling?

Whether the first ten days of 2024 should fill you with optimism or dread for the tech biz really depends on who you ask.

CEOs say GTFO to ESG

Add ‘corporations labelling any and all initiatives as ESG’ to the list of trends that were hot a few years ago but are officially out in 2024.

Driving the news: Companies are looking to distance themselves from the term ESG — short for environmental, social, and governance — as it’s become a political flashpoint for those who feel companies are doing too much or not enough to meet sustainability goals. 

Deloitte employees face the bots

Deloitte is taking the expression “time is money” to heart with its new AI innovation. 

What happened: Consulting firm Deloitte has rolled out a generative AI chatbot to employees across Europe and the Middle East.

Tiger Woods and Nike break up

One of the sports world’s biggest power couples is calling it quits. No, we don’t mean Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. 

What happened: After 27 years, Tiger Woods and Nike have ended their partnership.