Ski-Doo’s big year

Tough economic times mean that consumers have to take a good, hard look at what they buy, limiting purchases to only the essentials like groceries, rent, and… snowmobiles?

Get even bigger or go home

RBC is already the country’s largest bank by assets ($1.71T), but just because you’re the biggest doesn’t mean you can’t get even bigger.

Not enough remote work

Workers may want to stay remote, but employers want them in the office—and more job postings insist on just that, making fully remote (and sought-after) gigs harder to come by.

The future of streaming is… theatres?

 It’s been an up-and-down year for streamers as they struggle to diversify revenue streams. Now a radical, unprecedented idea has come to the fore: Playing movies in movie theatres.  

Climate change’s unexpected impact on the art world

When insurance giants listed “climate change” as their biggest concern in a recent survey, they probably didn’t expect the headache that protests against climate change would bring.

Emergencies Act inquiry closes

The public inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act to break up convoy protests earlier this year has officially come to a close.

Teeth clinics for sale

A mere 18 months after pulling off the largest IPO in Canadian healthcare history (at the time), Canada’s largest dental office consolidator might be throwing up a FOR SALE sign. 

Here come the car subscriptions

Have you ever heard the old phrase, “the finer things in life are free”? Well, automakers have a rebuttal, “Okay… but what if they actually cost a little extra?”

Ticketmaster makes some powerful enemies

A disastrous presale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour has landed Ticketmaster (and its parent company Live Nation) in hot water with an army of Swifties—and (only a slightly more powerful force) the US Justice Department. 

Catch up: Ticketmaster’s systems couldn’t handle the traffic they received when presale tickets for Swift’s upcoming shows went on sale last week, causing the website and app to crash for many users.

Walmart rights the ship before Black Friday

As Black Friday rears its head, the world’s largest retailer is showing signs that the doom and gloom facing the retail sector this year may have been (at least a little) overhyped.