Search (and the internet) are about to get very different

Think of how often you Google things, and it might give you an idea of how much a redesign of its core product is about to change how the whole internet works.

Netflix lands lucrative NFL streaming rights

The value of global sports TV contracts is set to reach US$62.4 billion this year. The NFL alone accounts for ~20% of that total. 

Driving the news: After years of swearing it wouldn’t touch live sports, Netflix is writing a big cheque for the white whale of broadcasting rights.

Canada Goose flocks to high-fashion aspirations

Canada Goose — the iconic Canadian brand that began by making jackets for park rangers before pivoting to making status symbols for Bay Street traders — is getting even bougier.

What happened: Ahead of its quarterly earnings, the parka-maker announced the hiring of acclaimed French designer Haider Ackermann as its first-ever creative director. 

A $43B bid to become the world’s largest copper miner

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably not that well-versed in the business and legal drama that’s engulfed the global mining industry in recent days, but the proposed takeover of miner Anglo American by competitor BHP is a US$43 billion story worth paying attention to. 

What happened: BHP, an Australian miner, is attempting to buy Anglo American, a British miner, in a bid to create the world's largest copper miner.

Meme stocks vie for an encore

 GameStop shares surged ~74% yesterday after Keith Gill, the man best known for driving the meme stock mania of 2021 under the name Roaring Kitty, came back onto social media after a three-year hiatus.  

Solar storm exposes risks for farmers

A powerful solar storm over the weekend created more than a brilliant light show for people across the country — it also caused technological headaches for farmers.

What happened: The unusually powerful geomagnetic storm that sparked colourful aurora borealis across North America and Europe also disrupted the GPS systems used in modern farming equipment.

Shopify is on shaky ground with investors

Shopify’s president said they are “building a 100-year company,” but investors don’t seem willing to wait that long.

Canadian cities tease car-free summer

Once crowned the world’s coolest street, a bustling stretch of Montréal’s Wellington Street will be off-limits to cars this summer. 

Driving the news: Cities including Montréal and Vancouver are ramping up to launch or expand car-free street pilots in downtown areas in the coming months, with the aim of boosting foot traffic for local businesses — and giving your step count a shot in the arm.  

Panera discontinues allegedly lethal lemonade

 Panera Bread is taking its highly caffeinated “Charged Sips” drinks off the menu in Canada and the U.S. While no specific reason was given, it might have something to do with the fact that its Charged Lemonade is blamed in two wrongful death lawsuits for inducing cardiac arrest.  

Intact will start fireproofing houses

Property insurer Intact is launching a pilot program to reduce wildfire damage to homes in Western Canada this year. 

Driving the news: Intact’s partner, Wildfire Defense Systems, will monitor wildfires in Alberta and B.C., and send a team to fireproof insured homes that are considered to be at risk.