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What in the Worldcoin?

FTX is plotting a comeback

In what would be the most shocking comeback since Michael Jordan returned to the NBA (pick either time that it happened), bankrupt crypto exchange FTX wants a fresh start

What happened: Current CEO John Ray III has begun looking for interested parties to help revive its flagship international crypto exchange, per The Wall Street Journal. 

US regulators push crypto to the brink

The cryptocurrency sector is facing an existential crisis courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Driving the news: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) set the stage for a high-stakes showdown with the biggest players in crypto last week, filing lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, the largest crypto exchanges in the world and the US, respectively.

The SEC comes for crypto’s biggest names

Like the Blue Jays in 92/93, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has gone back-to-back. Back-to-back with crypto lawsuits, that is.

What on Earth is Worldcoin?

Would you let a company scan your eyeball in exchange for some digital tokens? OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is betting that your answer will be: “Yes, absolutely, where do I sign?!”

Bye-bye Binance?

From trading hiccups to stablecoin woes, the world’s largest crypto platform has had a rough 2023. And now, after a new report, regulators are circling like sharks before a feeding frenzy.

SBF pleads not guilty

Former FTX CEO and ex-“Next Warren Buffet” Sam Bankman-Friend (known by friends and the entire internet as SBF) maintained his innocence in court yesterday while facing charges that could land him up to 115 years in the big house.

Quadriga crypto plot thickens

$2.4 million worth of bitcoins were mysteriously transferred from virtual wallets linked to QuadrigaCX, the bankrupt Canadian crypto exchange that was revealed to be a Ponzi scheme. 

The strange part? Those wallets were previously thought to be inaccessible, and we don’t know where the bitcoins have gone. 

Crunch time for crypto

If you thought things couldn’t get worse for the crypto world, think again. 

Provinces exit crypto mining

Just as miners headed to Canada in 1896 to cash in on the gold rush, crypto miners found their way up north in recent years for a different kind of gold rush — one involving Bitcoin.  

But given the ongoing meltdown in the sector, the loot may be drying up.