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Here come the celeb deepfake ads

The image of Elon Musk taking a bubble bath once only existed in our deepest, darkest nightmares. 

But thanks to deepfake technology, that image, along with other celebrity facsimiles, has been brought into the real world for the noblest of purposes… advertising!
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Enter, the Merge

Ethereum, a blockchain platform supporting over 50% of the total value of the decentralized finance industry, is shifting to a less energy-intensive way of validating transactions.
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Binance gets sued for a bill

As Canadian regulators start to crack down on crypto companies, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is also facing a $1 billion class-action lawsuit in Toronto. 
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Canada’s new crypto regulations

Canada’s top financial regulator has introduced its first-ever framework to limit the exposure of federally regulated financial institutions, like banks and insurers, to crypto assets (nice!). 
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