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Priced out on school supplies

Back-to-school shopping used to be fun, and then 30-year high inflation happened. 

Driving the news: According to a recent poll, one-third of Canadian parents are spending more on back to school than last year, and nearly all say inflation is impacting their spending. 

  • Deloitte’s national retail leader said parents are spending $500-$600 (on average) on supplies, clothing, and electronics, after cutting back for two pandemic school years. 
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The economy is growing, but slowing

After a solid two-year run, the Canadian economy might be finally slowing down, growing at an annualized rate of 3.3% in the second quarter (and missing the 4% forecast). 
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Playing the economy on hard mode

Central bankers aren’t known for their wild exuberance, but even by their standards, the who’s-who of monetary policy struck a sombre tone at Jackson Hole over the weekend.

Driving the news: A chorus of the world’s top central bankers and economists warned that despite some recent hopeful signs, the economy is still not good
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Population boom or bust?

Get ready for a future where your commute is even more crowded and the morning Tim’s line is even longer, because Canada is gearing up to welcome a whole lot more people.
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A million one dollar idea

As Canada’s consumer price index rises to 7.6% (compared with a year ago), shoppers are flocking to discount retailers… and investors are following closely behind. 
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What is quiet quitting?

There’s a new trend gaining traction online amongst hoards of disaffected workers: Quiet quitting. And no, it doesn’t mean silently walking out of the office one day, never to return. 
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Markets hang onto their caps

It’s been a rough week for markets as we wait for a vibe check on the economy coming out of the Federal Reserve’s annual policy symposium, kicking off in Jackson Hole today.
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Bed Bath & We’re Done

And just like that, 📈nother meme stock craze has come and gone.
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VC funding dials down

After a high ride throughout the pandemic, venture capital (VC) funding for Canadian companies has finally come down to Earth
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Unions want more money

Last month, Bank of Canada (BoC) Governor Tiff “T-Mack” Macklem pissed off quite a few people after telling business leaders to avoid adjusting wages to keep up with inflation.
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