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The IMF has some advice for Canada

What will central banks do next?

About a year into their bare-knuckle brawl against inflation, the world’s central banks have found themselves in the middle of the least fun game of ‘would you rather’ ever. 

Driving the news: Central bankers across the world are making like degenerate gamblers and hammering the over on inflation, prepping for further interest rate hikes as they bet prices will stay elevated even as red-hot food and energy costs have cooled, per The WSJ.

Will Canada become uninsurable?

Besides displacing thousands of people, polluting the air, and making New Yorkers mad at us, Canadian wildfires could also start driving up our insurance premiums.  

Driving the news:
Canada’s current spate of wildfires is expected to drive up home insurance prices across the country, industry experts warned The Globe and Mail.

Start your economic engines

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton aren't the only ones looking to cash in this Canadian Grand Prix weekend. The city of Montréal is bracing for an $80 million economic windfall. 

Driving the news: As the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix kicks off this weekend, Montréal is set to welcome a mob of deep-pocketed, yacht-charting fans for what has become one of the hottest tickets in the country and the fastest-selling races on the Formula 1 calendar. 

As rates rise, Canadians’ debt gets riskier

If someone owes you a fat stack of cash, now might be a good time to check if they’re still good for it… especially if you happen to be a Canadian financial institution. 


Sweden’s annual core inflation rate fell just 0.2% last month, a notably smaller drop than analysts expected. Experts now have one irreplaceable theory for why this happened.

Tiff's pause is over

The Bank of Canada’s (BoC) conditional pause on interest rate hikes ended with its decision to raise its policy rate to 4.75% yesterday, the highest level in 22 years

Why it matters: The decision reinforces the BoC’s pledge to beat inflation, even if it means more pain for Canadians in the short term. 

Car thefts in Canada are a “national crisis”

Missy Elliott once asked, “Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep?” These days, the answer to that question is too often, “sophisticated international crime syndicates.”

Office vacancies are trending up

Looking for office space? Well, you’re in luck. There’s a lot of it on the market right now.

Canadian travellers enjoy their last hurrah

Canadians are booking their summer getaways in record numbers, but the good times may be coming to an end.

Per a new RBC report, dwindling savings and the rising cost of debt will force many middle-and-low-income earners to start pulling back on travel plans by next year.