Back to square one for investors

If you’re kicking yourself over a bad stock pick recently, we’re here to tell you that #1, who isn’t, and #2, even bonds—one of the safest (some would say boring) investments—is losing money this year, with a key index that tracks the asset dropping 16.8% since January.   

What higher unemployment means for you

Canada’s unemployment rate is up for the first time in seven months, which means that high interest rates have (done what they do and) thrown cold water on the red hot labour market.

The super-rich love superyachts

Speaking of the wealthy doing most of the spending, the yacht rental business is booming.

Here comes the dental plan

The federal government is planning to announce relief measures aimed at helping low-income Canadians beat back inflation pains. 

What happened: The measures are expected to temporarily double the GST tax credit, top-up the Canada Housing Benefit by $500, and start the rollout of a dental care program.

Follow the money

As global markets go haywire, US stocks are suddenly looking pretty appealing in comparison (disclaimer: they’re still looking pretty bad). 

Rate hike!

In case you weren’t sitting with a bowl of popcorn and an ‘I ♥️ quantitative tightening’ foam finger ahead of the Bank of Canada (BoC) rate hike decision yesterday, here’s the lowdown.

Priced out on school supplies

Back-to-school shopping used to be fun, and then 30-year high inflation happened. 

Driving the news: According to a recent poll, one-third of Canadian parents are spending more on back to school than last year, and nearly all say inflation is impacting their spending. 

  • Deloitte’s national retail leader said parents are spending $500-$600 (on average) on supplies, clothing, and electronics, after cutting back for two pandemic school years. 

The economy is growing, but slowing

After a solid two-year run, the Canadian economy might be finally slowing down, growing at an annualized rate of 3.3% in the second quarter (and missing the 4% forecast). 

Playing the economy on hard mode

Central bankers aren’t known for their wild exuberance, but even by their standards, the who’s-who of monetary policy struck a sombre tone at Jackson Hole over the weekend.

Driving the news: A chorus of the world’s top central bankers and economists warned that despite some recent hopeful signs, the economy is still not good

Population boom or bust?

Get ready for a future where your commute is even more crowded and the morning Tim’s line is even longer, because Canada is gearing up to welcome a whole lot more people.