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Canada Growth Fund makes its next pick

 An Alberta-based project that aims to turn banana peels into electricity is the latest to sign a deal with Ottawa’s clean energy investment arm.

Your next glass of OJ might have the juice but not the orange

Orange crops are so depleted that fruit juice makers are trying make orange juice without oranges.

A Barbenheimer hangover hits box offices

 This past weekend, Canadian and U.S. box office numbers were down 40% compared to last year, after disappointing new releases by both Furiosa and Garfield. In fact, it was one of the weakest Memorial Day weekends seen at the movies since the early 1980s. 

The RCMP struggles to go electric

Turns out, converting North America's largest fleet of police cars into electric vehicles is easier said than done. Who could have guessed? 

Driving the news: The RCMP is currently field-testing two Teslas — one on B.C.’s West Shore and the other on the grounds at Rideau Hall in Ottawa — as the national police service tries to replace as many of its ~12,000 vehicles as possible with zero-emissions options by 2035.

Getting the grid going

The next time your job feels impossible, remember there are people in charge of doubling the capacity of Canada’s energy grid by 2050.

Driving the news: According to a federal government report, Canada has to double its current electricity supply over the next 26 years to meet growing demand. Even Québec, long seen as a source of limitless electricity, is expected to face shortages by 2027.

Wildfire season is in full effect

Canadian wildfires are primed to make some (really bad) history again this year. 

Driving the news: Thousands of residents in communities across Alberta, B.C., and Manitoba have been ordered to evacuate as another vicious wildfire season kicks into high gear. As of writing, 130 fires — 38 of which are out of control — have burned 362,100 hectares of land. 

El Niño is (probably) coming to an end

On the docket for this summer: worship the sun, rediscover that you have a personality, and… the weather pattern change you learned about in Grade 8?

Driving the news: After bringing a warmer and drier winter to much of Canada, the El Niño weather event is bidding farewell.

Canada hosts global plastic treaty negotiations

A group of delegates will spend the week in the nation's capital comparing notes on why plastic is, in fact, not so fantastic. 

Driving the news: Ottawa will play host to delegates from 174 countries this week for the fourth round of United Nations plastic treaty negotiations. The committee will look to make progress on a plastic-reduction agreement ahead of final talks in South Korea in November. 

Canada leads the world in fossil fuel funding

Some of us are addicted to spending money on things like shoes or total solar eclipse memorabilia. Canada is addicted to spending money on oil and gas developments. 

Driving the news: A new study found that between 2020 and 2022, Canada led all G20 nations in foreign fossil fuel investments

The choppy rollout of single-use plastic bans

If the rollout of the national plastics ban feels a bit chaotic, well, that’s because it is. 

Driving the news: Under a new bylaw effective today, Toronto businesses will have to ask customers if they want single-use plastic items like utensils, straws, napkins, paper bags, and plastic containers with their takeaway orders, or else face fines from $500 up to $100,000.