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Yellowknife evacuates

Why are Nova Scotian waters glowing pink?

Waters in Nova Scotia were glowing pink on Thursday, and no, it wasn’t a viral marketing stunt for Pepto-Bismol or an alien menace that crash-landed into the sea.

What happened:
Researchers from Dalhousie University and greentech company Planetary Technologies dumped 500 litres of pink fluorescent dye into the waters around Halifax Harbour in Dartmouth to see how far the dye would travel into the Atlantic Ocean.

Derek Nighbor on Canada’s wildfires

On this week’s episode of Free Lunch by The Peak, we sat down with Derek Nighbor to discuss why Canada’s wildfire season took such a dark turn this year, and how governments can prepare for next year.

The race is on to make flying cleaner

In addition to adding oat milk and Aperol Spritzes to their in-flight menu, Air Canada is making moves to add more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Driving the news: The nation’s largest airline entered an agreement with SAF producer Air Company to use its unique “power-to-liquid" aviation fuel.

Millions across North America under air quality advisory

As Canadian wildfires place millions of Americans under air quality advisories again this week, get ready for our southern neighbours to get mad at us all over again

What happened: Per CNN, about 70 million people from New York to Montana could be under air quality advisories as Canadian wildfires spread toward the border. On Sunday, the Canadian military was deployed in BC to help local authorities fight roughly 380 fires

New epoch just dropped

Humanity could soon enter a new geological epoch, and it all starts in Canada. 

What happened: Researchers have chosen Crawford Lake in Milton, Ontario, as the place that best signifies the start of the Anthropocene—the new geological epoch in which human activity is the dominant influence impacting the planet’s climate and environment. 

The economic cost of wildfires piles up

Money might not grow on trees, but it turns out burning trees cost a lot of money. 

Driving the news: Per The New York Times, Canada’s record-bad start to its wildfire season—20 million acres burned, 155,800 evacuated, and almost $1 billion in firefighting costs—highlights the mounting pressures that come with worsening natural disasters. 

Tornadoes put Canada in the spin cycle

After only the US, Canada sees more tornadoes than anywhere else on Earth… and they might be getting stronger. 

What happened: A massive tornado that tore through two towns north of Calgary over the weekend has been classified as stronger than 95% of tornadoes usually seen in Canada.

The low-down on Canada’s new clean fuel rules

While you were busy firing up the grill on Saturday, new clean fuel rules quietly came into effect.

Driving the news: Canada’s new Clean Fuel Regulations will require refiners and importers of gas and diesel to reduce emissions across all stages of fuel production and consumption, working towards reducing fuel emissions by 15% between 2016 and 2030.

The UN’s plastic problem

Last year, the UN agreed on an ambitious goal to devise a treaty by 2024 aimed at ending plastic pollution. But like any group project, there are some major differences of opinion.