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Automated tax filing system could put billions in Canadians’ pockets

Soon, your taxes may be filed automatically—and according to new research, that could produce a nice little windfall for many Canadians.

Driving the news: The planned roll-out of an automatic tax filing service could see up to $1.6 billion in benefits paid out next year to people who don’t currently file taxes, according to a new study by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO).

Auditor General Karen Hogan on holding government accountable

After a busy week in the headlines, Auditor General of Canada Karen Hogan sat down with The Peak to talk about her work, and her goals of making Canada better, one audit at a time.

Canadian agencies can’t crack down on cybercrime

 A scathing new report from the auditor general found that Canadian federal agencies and law enforcement aren’t adequately equipped to handle the rising threat of cybercrime.

Streamers ordered to fund Canadian content

Paw Patrol has been doing a great job carrying the Canadian film industry on its back lately, but Ottawa is keen on bringing in some reinforcements. 

What happened: Canada’s telecom regulator is looking to expand the success of Canada’s entertainment industry beyond Schitt’s Creek and Law & Order Toronto (kidding) with a 5% tax on the Canadian revenue of streaming giants like Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify.

Canada is splashing out on its Air Force

Canada is forging ahead with the largest recapitalization of its air force since World War II.

The Department of National Defence has signed a 25-year, $11.2 billion deal with SkyAlyne Canada to provide and modernize air force training platforms.

Windsor hatches plan for a deserted downtown

As cities across Canada grapple with high office vacancy rates, Windsor has rolled out a $3.2 million plan to lure people back into its desolate business district.

Driving the news: Canada’s southernmost city will increase spending on policing and social services in its downtown core, a direct response to both businesses and locals that have overwhelmingly pointed to a lack of safety as the major reason for avoiding downtown. 

Ottawa weighs citizenship path for undocumented migrants

The federal cabinet is mulling a plan to give thousands of undocumented migrants in Canada official citizenship status.

Catch-up: Under the proposal, people who entered Canada legally but stayed after their visas expired (including international students) are expected to be eligible for official status.

Alberta’s got a firefighter problem

As Alberta braces for another wildfire season, alarm bells are ringing about the crew being sent out to fight them. 

Driving the news: The province is struggling to retain its seasonal firefighters, a problem that has left largely inexperienced crews fighting increasingly frequent and intense wildfires. 

Phoenix is nothing but a pile of ashes

Unlike the mythological bird of the same name, the federal government’s Phoenix payroll system is not going to rise from the ashes. 

Driving the news: The feds are reportedly going full speed ahead with their plans to ditch Phoenix, the public service payroll system that has done nothing but cause headaches since its launch in 2016. As of last year, 30% of federal employees reported errors in their pay.

Ontario will start banning car thieves from driving

 To curb rising auto theft in the province, the Ontario government is taking a page out of our parents’ playbook and threatening to take away driving privileges: A new law will introduce driver's licence suspensions of at least 10 years for some convicted car thieves.