BC decriminalizes drugs

BC is testing out decriminalizing drug possession—which nears the top of the “what not to bring up at a dinner party” list—with the rest of the country looking on and taking notes.

The house is back

Think your Sunday Scaries are bad? Members of Parliament returned to Ottawa after a six-week winter break with enough on their plates to keep yours truly hiding in bed. 

Hypothetical defences

The country’s top court is deciding whether pretend people can help defend real crimes.

Canada’s new jet set

After watching the new Top Gun, we’ve realized that fighter jets are super cool. We also suspect the timing of the government’s first jet order in three decades is no coincidence. 

CanCon gone wrong

Canada’s proposed Online Streaming Bill Canadian is starting to make creators sweat.  

Alberta gets a new premier

Danielle Smith, the newly-elected leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP), will be sworn in as the province’s premier today.

Why it matters: Smith campaigned for the job on an “Alberta First” slogan and promises to adopt a more antagonistic posture towards the federal government. 

What’s ahead for Legault’s second term

François Legault, Leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), will stay on as the premier of Québec after winning a majority government in a landslide victory. 

Catch up: Legault started his political career in the separatist, social democratic Parti Québécois (PQ) before founding the CAQ a decade ago. The new party dropped calls for independence in favour of a nationalist agenda and pro-business views. 

Desperately seeking CEBA

The federal government gave small businesses $49 billion worth of pandemic loans but forgot one crucial step: A plan to get it back.

Meet the new (blue) boss

A new challenger has emerged: Pierre Poilievre secured the leadership of the opposition Conservative Party with a landslide victory over the weekend.

Why it matters: Poilievre nabbed a commanding 68% of the points available on the first ballot, cementing his control over the party and setting up a showdown with the governing Liberals in the next election.