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Tyler Meredith explains how government budgets get made

 On this week’s episode of Free Lunch by The Peak, we sat down with Tyler Meredith to talk about how the federal government puts its budgets together. Before becoming a partner at Meredith Boessenkool Policy Advisors, Tyler was one of the driving forces behind no fewer than six federal budgets and served as the top economic advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and two finance ministers. 

Not everyone is mad about the capital gains tax

No one gets stoked about taxes, but that doesn't mean it’s all doom and gloom in the tech sector right now.

Teacher shortage prompts perfect grades

Some parents might be less than thrilled when they find out their kid's perfect grade on a biology midterm was more of a participation trophy. 

Driving the news: A group of grade 12 students at Ontario’s St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School walked out of their biology and business midterms with perfect grades as the school board grapples with a teacher shortage that has left classes without full-time educators.

Sit, roll over, stay, choose your legal guardian

New laws in B.C. regarding pet custody are further proof that pets really are the new kids.

Driving the news: A provincial court ordered that custody of a golden retriever named Stella must be split week-to-week between her two owners who had broken up. It’s a landmark first ruling under new B.C. laws designating pets as family members, not property, in separation cases.

Ottawa urges pensions to spend more at home

The feds are hoping Canada’s top pension funds will consider spending a little more of their ~$2 trillion in assets at home. 

Driving the news: Ottawa is enlisting former Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz to spearhead a new working group tasked with getting Canadian pension funds to invest more in their own backyard, particularly in housing and infrastructure.

Budget aims to build momentum for Canadian innovations

The government’s plan to support Canada’s innovation sector is less about opening its own wallet and more about sparking investments from elsewhere.

Taxing times call for taxing measures

With so much spending already announced, we were left wondering what the feds would actually end up unveiling at this year’s budget meeting. 

The answer? A new tax to pay for all those plans, obviously.     

What happened: The federal government unveiled its 2024-25 budget yesterday. The biggest news to come out of it was an increase in the capital gains tax inclusion rate. Starting June 25, gains over $250,000 will be taxed at a two-thirds rate, up from one-half. 

Canada says 'bienvenue' to Francophone immigrants

Everybody knows that Canada needs more healthcare workers, more homebuilders, and… more French speakers? 

Driving the news: Since revamping the Express Entry system for skilled immigration last year, 19,700 potential immigrants have been invited to apply for permanent residency based on their French skills, more than any other selection category, per a Globe and Mail analysis.

Happy Budget Day, one and all

It’s Budget Day 2024, and the theme for this year is "generational fairness.” While that’s not as exciting a theme as “year of efficiency” or “murder mystery,” it does sound like a nice idea.

Driving the news: This year, the feds tried out a new comms strategy where they openly trumpeted many of the biggest moves in the month leading up to the budget. Over $37 billion in new initiatives for this year’s budget have already been announced.

Independent web browsers are so trendy in Europe

It turns out the key to breaking Big Tech’s hold on the browser market is letting people know that other options exist.