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Saving for a home? Your TFSA can help

The First Home Savings Account (FHSA) and the Home Buyers Plan in your RRSP are great for stashing tax-sheltered savings for your homeownership goals, but that doesn’t mean they're the only two accounts you should use.

DIY dry cleaning can save you money at the cleaners

The first item of "dry clean only" clothing I bought was a heavily discounted men's cashmere sweater I'm sure was mispriced. So obviously, I bought it. After a few wears, I took it to my local dry cleaner, who told me it would be about $15 to get the garment cleaned. 

Smart travel tactics to avoid scammers

Even the most intrepid traveller has been had by a scammer. Maybe the local taxi driver took you along the “scenic route,” only to charge you double the fare, or a scalper sold you “express entry” wristbands for a free museum. 

Cash in on your education with alumni benefits

You might not be cruising on a college campus anymore, but just because you’re no longer a student doesn’t mean you can make use of those sweet alumni perks. If you’re still paying off your education, take advantage of various discounts that come with your degree.

How to get a “leg-up” on your contest entry

Would you film yourself shaving your legs for the chance to win $250? I sure would—that’s like four and a half minutes of work I’d be doing anyways, might as well (maybe) get paid for it. How about a tropical getaway for free if all it takes is a couple hours of work?

Keep appliances running with regular maintenance

I am a fanatic about dryer lint. I empty the filter after every cycle and use a tiny vacuum extension to suck out any excess that may have escaped the confines of the trap. So you can imagine my absolute horror when I learned that washing machines have one too—and it needs to be cleaned once a month!?

Keep pests at bay with strobe lights

Spotting a mouse in your house is never good news because if you see one, chances are there’s a bunch more hiding. Not only can rodents spread disease, but they also get into the guts of your house, chewing through electrical wiring, creating a fire hazard. 

Can you really save money with short showers?

When I had my first roommate the length of his showers used to drive me crazy, and even though I wasn’t paying the utility bill (thanks, landlord) my anxiety would escalate with every passing minute I heard the water running—so I introduced him to “Navy Showers.”