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Celebs lock up their likeness

Did anyone have Tom Hanks filing a copyright for his AI avatar on their 2023 bingo card?

Driving the news: A new startup, Metaphysic, is launching a tool that will allow celebrities to build their “AI likeness” and register it with the US Copyright Office.
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Tesla makes manufacturing breakthrough

Its CEO may be busy challenging Mark Zuckerberg to cage matches, but Tesla has still managed to come up with a new way to make cars that’s expected to be faster and cheaper

Driving the news: Using 3D printers, Tesla has created a new “gigacasting” process, in which many small parts of a vehicle are made from a single mould.
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White House asks Big Tech for AI answers

Washington rolled out the red carpet for big tech’s A-listers yesterday, but instead of asking them who they’re wearing, the Silicon Valley equivalent of the Avengers were quizzed about AI.  

Driving the news: A who’s who of Big Tech met in Washington yesterday to discuss safeguards for AI, with industry leaders and lawmakers acknowledging that AI regulation will be challenging but necessary. 
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New iPhone, new problems

Apple held its latest product event yesterday, dubbed “Wonderlust,” to pitch shiny new toys they hope will help them navigate unusually choppy waters. 

What happened: The marquee release of the event was undoubtedly the iPhone 15. The two top-of-the-line versions of Apple’s latest phone, the Pro and Pro Max, have cutting-edge features that Apple hopes will make them must-haves even as smartphone sales slump
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Google faces its biggest antitrust threat yet

Like any of us in hour four of a Monopoly game, the US government wants to put an end to it all. 

Driving the news: Google heads to court today, kicking off the biggest US antitrust case in the modern internet era.
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Cars are less private than a nude beach

Cars are packed to the gills with technology these days, leading to various problems like production shortages, rampant theft, and now, major privacy concerns

Driving the news: A new study by the Mozilla Foundation deemed modern cars the “worst category of products for privacy” that it had ever reviewed. Out of the 25 car brands Mozilla looked at, every single one was judged to disclose more personal info than necessary.
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ChatGPT enters its freshman year

It’s back to school for students across Canada, and teachers are preparing to contend with a new presence in the classroom that’s shaping up to be more disruptive than the class clown: Artificial intelligence.
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Shopify finds a new friend in Amazon

Like two mismatched cops assigned to work the same case in a cheesy action movie, Shopify and Amazon have set aside their differences and become frenemies.  

What happened: Shopify and Amazon have struck a deal to let US-based Shopify merchants use Amazon’s “Buy with Prime” feature—offering Prime perks like free shipping and next-day delivery—on their own websites, via an app in Shopify’s app marketplace. 
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Companies go after robot web crawlers

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The AI battle for your office

Google and Microsoft are duking it out to become the provider of AI tools for your office. 

What happened: Google unveiled a torrent of AI tools directly aimed at large businesses… including a suped-up version of its Duet AI assistant which is now widely available.
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