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Big Tech pain, Small Tech gain

The Big Tech carnage continued as Meta laid off 13% of its workforce (~11,000 workers), in the largest staff reduction in the tech industry this year.
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Airbnb puts cleaning fees on display

Executives at Airbnb want you to know they have, in fact, read all your angry tweets about out-of-control cleaning fees, and that they’re listening and learning. 
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Apple’s expands ad push to The Beautiful Game

Apple is building an advertising network for live television to accompany Major League Soccer (MLS) matches streaming on its platform, part of the company’s aggressive push into the ad business. 

Catch up: Apple signed a 10-year deal (estimated to be worth US$2.5 billion) to stream MLS games on the Apple TV app beginning next year. 
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Soon we’ll all be cyborgs

As the world becomes increasingly like a sci-fi novel, new devices are letting human bodies do things that once seemed impossible. 
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Musk makes his mark

Less than a week into his tenure as “Chief Twit” turned “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator,” Elon Musk is moving quickly to make his mark on Twitter by revamping its business model.
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TouchBistro is on the up-and-up

Source: @touch_bistro / Instagram.

Toronto-based TouchBistro, a software provider for restaurants, is breezing through a market downtown that has left venture capitalists holding their dollars verrry close to their chest.
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Big Tech enters the worst of times

The mighty giants have fallen as the biggest US tech companies posted earnings reports that fell short of investor expectations and wiped nearly US$1 trillion in market value. 
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Elon Musk is officially Chief Twit

After what felt like thousands of years (but was really just a few months) Elon Musk, finally, officially, and with no-take-backs, owns Twitter… now here comes the fun part.  
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YouTube’s certifying health professionals

From exercising organs to “hacking” menstrual cycles, there’s a ton of terrible medical advice on the internet… which is why YouTube is moving to certify channels of licensed professionals like doctors, nurses or therapists who produce health-related content.  
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The AI boom is here

The rest of the tech world might be slumping, but in one sector the investor cash is flowing freely and startups are still fetching eye-popping valuations: The “generative artificial intelligence” space is booming like it’s 2021.

  • Generative AI is a catch-all term for AI tools that use sophisticated models to create new images, text, and other content rather than just analyzing something that already exists. 
Driving the news: Two major generative AI startups commanded unicorn-status valuations in recent fundraising rounds (something that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary two years ago, but has become much rarer lately).
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