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StarLink’s top competitor takes off

Earth’s orbit is getting a bit more crowded, and that’s good news for Canada’s remote communities.

AI takes the airwaves

Next time you tune in to The Bear, The Cougar, The Falcon, the Squirrel, The Yeti, or whatever your local radio station is called, don’t be alarmed if the DJ sounds a little bit off.

The big e-book battle

Book publishers are trying to shut down the Napster of libraries.

TikTok’s influencer blitz

TikTok is planning an influencer invasion of Washington as it tries to stave off stricter regulation, or even a ban, by US lawmakers.

Taxman out, taxbot in

Welcome to the future, where staying out of trouble depends on how well you can impress the government’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools. 

Microsoft sets the AI stage

After Google unveiled some sweet AI Workspace features, Microsoft reasserted its pole position in the AI arms race with a product it claims will “transform work as we know it.”

When the (fake) moon hits your eye

In the biggest moon-related conspiracy since “NASA faked the moon landing,” one Reddit user claims that Samsung is faking its moon photos.

Cutting out the middle-cow

Does the idea of lab-grown meat weird you out a little? Well, scientists hope the rise in lab-grown dairy could at least help you warm up to the idea.

Facebook doesn’t want to share

Your grumpiest relative may have to start emailing you with their takes on the news rather than just ranting on Facebook this summer.

Floppy disks are (somehow) still a thing

Remember floppy discs? You might not! Used to store data way before the cloud and USBs, they haven't been commonly used since the 90s. But, against all odds, they're still kicking.