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Canada will try to commercialize AI

Complete global dominance of the maple syrup market isn’t enough. Canada wants to be a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) too.

Europe is leading the rEVolution

The E in EU doesn’t just stand for European anymore… it stands for electric

AI might break your heart

A word of warning to any lonely hearts out there this Valentine’s Day: Be careful, your prospective new boo might have a cold, metal heart.

You gotta fight for your right to repair

Tech companies are making their phones and computers a lil’ bit easier to fix, but consumer advocates want lawmakers to push them further.

Pandemic recovery goes Uber well

While most of the tech industry saw quarterly earnings reports that ranged from “disappointing” to “AHHH!!!”, Uber is looking at its latest numbers with a big, toothy grin.

Playing rock 'em sock 'em (chat)bots

Leafs vs. Habs. Pepsi vs. Coke. Dudes who wear shorts year-round vs. Canadian winters. Then, there’s Google vs. Microsoft. And a new front has opened up in their ongoing war. 

Your boss still might be spying on you

Did you ever play I spy when you were a kid? Well, now some bosses are playing it! Their go-to prompt: “I spy with my little eye… someone who is… slacking.”

Not even ChatGPT can escape American politics

ChatGPT doesn’t want to write a poem about Donald Trump, and its makers don’t know why.

These aren’t the tech earnings you were hoping for

What do the most recent slate of Big Tech earnings reports and the 2022-23 Toronto Raptors have in common? 

They’re both very underwhelming. 

Social ads are down

Social media giants are adapting to a world where ad money is hard to come by.