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AI meets VC money

Now that artificial intelligence (AI) can pass MBA exams and create workout plans, investors just can’t pull out their chequebooks fast enough. 

AI learns to code

The startup behind the Internet’s favourite chatbot is trying to teach its AI how to code.

Watching the skies

Remember last year, when we were all gleefully shaming Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner for their exorbitant flying habits? That was fun, right? 

Well, unfortunately, that fun could be coming to an end.

AI picks up the pen

It feels like we’ve suddenly been transported back to 2013, because everyone is talking about BuzzFeed. The reason why they’re talking about it, though, is very 2023.

China’s facial recognition business

China’s manufacturing sector may be slowing, but its facial recognition industry is booming.

Canada joins the space race

The federal government wants to get into the space race, announcing plans to support a domestic rocket launch industry.

Google’s great AI push

When it rains, it pours. At least when it comes to tech layoffs, with Google-parent Alphabet becoming the most recent big name to announce a major headcount reduction. 

TikTok opens up

TikTok is prepared to open its algorithms to regulators in a move that could permanently change the relationship between governments and social media giants.

High-profile hacking

The image of hackers in the popular imagination is likely that of shadowy weirdos (or a gaggle of absurdly-dressed teens), but one group is giving hacking a more professional sheen.

Dating gets pricier

If it wasn’t bad enough that the cost of dating (read: rising restaurant prices) has skyrocketed, now the cost of landing a date is also on its way up.