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TikTok must face the (lack of) music

Finding the perfect banger to soundtrack your next TikTok vid just got a lot harder.

What happened: Universal Music Group (UMG) — the world’s biggest music company — is pulling its entire catalogue from TikTok after the app failed to extend its licensing agreement.

We are still in deep trouble with deepfakes

Despite being identified as a problem more than six years ago, methods to fight deepfakes have not kept up with the AI used to create them.

Explain It Like I'm Five: RSS

What is RSS?

A feed of content that users customize with updates from their favourite websites. They’d do this with a few lines of code provided by websites that could be added to something called an RSS reader. If you’re over 30, you might remember an orange-and-white logo on a lot of news websites and blogs — that’s where the code would be found. This helped outlets get stories in front of readers without them having to check a bunch of individual home pages.

Ad agencies are ready to put AI to work

Ad agencies are moving fast and spending big to be some of AI’s early adopters.

What happened: Publicis Groupe, one of the world’s biggest advertising and communications holding companies, announced a €300 million AI investment over the next three years. That includes building Core AI, its own platform for creating and targeting ads, as well as adjusting strategies in real-time.

Not enough AI chips? Make them yourself

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has said numerous times that there aren’t enough computer chips out there to match his company’s goals, and it looks like he might be taking matters into his own hands.

Explain It Like I'm Five: Artificial General Intelligence

Tech circles can’t really agree on what constitutes “artificial general intelligence,” or AGI. Generally speaking, it’s an AI that can learn to accomplish tasks at the same level as a human, but there’s debate on what exactly “human level” means. It could be a computer that can reason, plan, and learn to do things like make coffee or build IKEA furniture with little instruction. It could be one that has “senses” and can change behaviour because of what it “sees” or “hears.”

Why hardware makers are flocking to handheld gaming

Computer and chip makers are trying to level up their business by pumping top-of-the-line components into a much smaller package.

What happened: MSI became the latest computer hardware maker to jump into handheld PC gaming when it showed off the Claw at CES this year. Using Intel’s latest Core Ultra chips, the device boasts better battery life, ergonomics, and AI-powered performance than the competition.

Vision Pro ushers in a new era for Apple

Looking to revive the buzz of the early iPhone days, Apple’s hoping its new US$3,499 mixed reality headset will do the trick. 

Driving the news: Apple’s long-awaited Vision Pro headset is now available for pre-order in the U.S., marking the tech giant's entry into its first new product category in nearly a decade.

What I learned building an app for the ChatGPT Store

It can be hard to grasp how the ChatGPT store and app builder work unless you’ve gone hands-on with them. So I did. 

Paging Dr. Chatbot

Meet AMIE, the AI chatbot that did a better job diagnosing certain illnesses than human doctors… all while being comparatively nicer to its patients.  

Driving the news: The chatbot — powered by a large language model from Google — and 20 doctors each conducted 149 assessments of actors trained to portray medical symptoms. AMIE’s diagnoses were just as accurate or more accurate in the six specialties evaluated.