Collision’s new AI buzzword: “displacement”

Responsible AI was a hot topic at Canada’s biggest tech conference. There were numerous Collision panels on the subject, and questions about risks were routinely posed to the likes of Cohere CEO Aiden Gomez and pioneering researcher Geoffrey Hinton. Part of that conversation was job loss or, as it was routinely referred to, “displacement.”

Cybersecurity teams are getting left behind

The cybersecurity skills gap is not just persisting, but growing.

According to the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, there was an estimated shortage of 3.4 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide in 2022. The industry grew its workforce by 8.2% in 2023, but the gap now stands at over 4 million people.

From The DMs

Apps and accounts are helping kids master money

Kids today are more financially savvy than ever, with help from online money management tools.

Smartphones for kids hit the Canadian market

Children’s phone usage is being scrutinized across courtrooms and classrooms, but one tech company thinks it has an answer. 

What happened: This week, Pinwheel rolled out Canada’s first “kid-safe” smartphone — a device designed specifically to give parents more oversight.

OpenAI considers a profit-focused restructuring

OpenAI’s safety-first roots appear to be fading as the AI race intensifies. 

What happened: OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman is considering changing the startup’s governance structure to a for-profit business, per The Information, a shift that would reduce the influence of the safety-conscious non-profit arm of the company. 

The life and legacy of Lynn Conway

Founders take community-building into their own hands

Grassroots efforts for community-building have been springing up as some tech founders themselves seek to build the connection they feel is lacking.

Canada launches 23andMe investigation

 As the world’s pre-eminent DNA test kit company struggles to stay afloat, a new probe into a recent data breach could further complicate its comeback. 

A.I. now stands for Apple Intelligence

 Apple’s developers conference has been about one thing and one thing only so far: the iPad finally getting a calculator… just kidding. It’s all about AI. Shocking, we know.