Robot safety

Do you get really scared watching videos of those scarily agile robot dogs

Of course you do! In that case, you’ll be happy to know that the people who make them have promised that they will never let them hurt you.

Send tweet. And cheques.

Tesla's robot can walk, wave—and for now, that’s about it

Elon Musk unveiled a "close to production" prototype of Tesla’s humanoid robot on Friday—the good news is we probably don’t have to fear a machine uprising anytime soon; the bad news is we probably also will have to keep doing our own chores for a while longer, at least.

What happened: Tesla’s Optimus robot had to be wheeled onto the stage at the company’s AI Day event before taking a few steps and waving to the crowd.

Meta enters its downsizing era

For the first time ever, Meta—the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp—plans to reduce its headcount and cut budgets across most teams. 

Elon Musk has left the group chat

Text messages made public as part of Elon Musk’s court fight with Twitter (along with being highly entertaining) shed insight into his early motivations for buying the business and show how Silicon Valley heavyweights rallied to his cause.

This ain’t your dad’s Google Search

These days, “Google it” no longer has that same magical, all-knowing ring it once did. I know it. You know it. And Google knows it, which is why it's trying to bring Search into the future. 

Death to CAPTCHA

If there’s one thing denizens of the World Wide Web can agree on, it’s that CAPTCHAs suck

The bot-preventing security measures are time-consuming and confusing—how many times have you struggled to identify all the grainy images containing the tiniest sliver of a bicycle just to satisfy a robotic arbiter of your humanity? 

Surely, there must be a better way.

Voting on the future of the internet

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the UN body responsible for setting global communications standards, will elect its new leader this week—a decision that could shape the future of the internet.  

TikTok wants out of politics

Raise your hand if your spam folder is full of unanswered pleas for campaign donations! 

Hands up? Ok, well, the bad news is, those e-mails might keep coming. But the good news is that your TikTok feed will be free of politicians begging you for money. 

Beep boop, would you like fries with that?

This is a story about Flippy, Sippy, and Chippy. No, they’re not Snap, Crackle, and Pop knockoffs, but a trio of robots that could soon be serving up your fast food order.