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Worldcoin has to stop scanning Spanish eyes

It turns out that a sci-fi-looking orb that scans and stores your biological data might raise some questions from privacy regulators.

AI companies are buying your old Tumblr and Reddit posts

The next big business opportunity in AI might be websites selling their users’ posts. 

Meta’s retiring from the newsroom

Like a jaded and world-weary beat reporter who’s seen too much, Meta wants out of the news game.

What happened: Meta announced that it wouldn’t sign any more deals with news publishers in the U.S., Australia, U.K., France, and Germany. 

Elon Musk sues OpenAI

From the creators of Musk vs. Zuckerberg, Musk vs. Advertisers, and Musk vs. Delaware comes the most thrilling instalment yet… Musk vs. OpenAI. 

What happened: Musk is suing the AI industry’s leading company, OpenAI, which he helped co-found in 2015, and its CEO, Sam Altman. He alleges that the company has betrayed its founding agreement to create AI for the benefit of humanity by inking its deal with Microsoft.  

Explain It Like I'm Five: Diffusion transformers

What is a diffusion transformer?

It’s actually a combination of two concepts — diffusion and transformers — that make better-performing AI image and video generators.

Hackers probably don’t care about your smart devices

Be less worried about your smart toothbrush’s security and take a look at the office WiFi router instead.

Catching up on Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has become a major event for tech companies to show off their new phones, wearables, and software features. Here’s what’s getting the most attention (and why).

Could vending machines be scanning your face?

Nowadays, you can’t even grab a sneaky little midday Mars bar without being silently judged by a dang machine.  

What happened: Students at the University of Waterloo are revolting against Mars-owned campus vending machines after discovering the machines were scanning users’ faces without their knowledge. 

Explain It Like I'm Five: AI tokens and context windows

What are AI tokens?

The smallest units of information that AI breaks words and sentences into to make them easier to process. How many tokens an AI can process at once is called a “context window,” and it can include multiple prompts and requests, letting a system consider several things you might have told it at once.

The AI boom is getting more specialized

You know what they say: bot of all trades, master of none.