Meta bets on virtual learning

It might not be long until parents are adding virtual reality headsets to their kid's back-to-school shopping lists. 

What happened: Meta is trying to bring Grade 9 algebra lessons into the metaverse by launching a new education hub for its Quest VR headsets. 

Apple takes a (small) step towards right to repair

Explain It Like I'm Five: CPUs and GPUs

A central processing unit (CPU) is a chip that acts like the brain of a computer, managing all of the tasks that keep a system going, from running programs to passing instructions to hardware. A CPU does this with a handful of “cores” — parts of the chip that quickly process data and handle instructions.

The government has been using AI… a lot

What Google announced at Cloud Next

No better place than Las Vegas for Google to put a big bet on growing its cloud business.

Digitizing an entire country

It’s important for you to digitally back up your photos and documents, a lesson some countries are putting into practice.

Your bank is all in on AI

Artificial intelligence is coming to your mobile banking apps in a big way (unless you bank with Laurentian, or something). 

What happened: Three of Canada’s Big Five banks were ranked within the top 10 globally for AI innovation by Evident Insights, which crunched the numbers on AI-related research papers and patent filings as well as investments in AI startups over the last five months.  

Feds pledge billions for AI

The federal government sees your $20 per month ChatGPT subscription and raises it by a couple billion dollars.

What happened: The feds will spend $2.4 billion on AI investments in their upcoming budget, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday.

Michael Metzger on the future of batteries

 On this week’s episode of Free Lunch by The Peak, we sat down with Dr. Michael Metzger, an assistant professor and the Herzberg-Dahn Chair for Advanced Battery Research at Dalhousie University, to discuss the battery supply chain and Canada’s role in the sector’s ecosystem.   

AI class is in session

Students who are sick of not being allowed to use AI to finish their work might want to transfer to a business school.