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Why a co-op is better than an internship

Is it better to stay in school longer and get a variety of work experiences or focus on a four-year end date? It might seem counter-intuitive, but staying in school longer leaves some Canadian students better off in the long run.

What portion of your student loan should you pay off first?

While many students won’t don their graduation cap and gown until the fall, debt repayment has no pomp and circumstance. Welcome to adulthood—it costs a lot. 

Is Gen Z’s adoption of “dumbphones” a smart financial move?

Everything old is new again, even tech for Gen Z, who are protecting their pockets and mental health by embracing bare-bones phones. 

Is a gap year the best financial choice for high school grads?

No more school, no more books, no more teachers telling you to put that phone away during class! But is going to university straight out of high school the best move for students in this economy?

What province has the best EV rebates

Planning for your next car to be electric? The final price you end up paying will depend on which province you’re in.

Finding a spot at kids’ summer camp is getting competitive

Camps can be a saving grace for working parents during those eight weeks of summer break—but if you were hoping to get a “hello muddah, hello fadduh” type letter from your kids at Camp Grenada this summer, you better get a head start on registration and budget a few more bucks. 

Is education still the best way to increase your earnings?

If you could go back to your 20s, would you do anything differently? Maybe you’d make better dating choices or listen to your mom when she said you shouldn’t try to bleach your hair at home. The carefree (and sometimes careless) choices we make in our youth can impact our later years, especially when it comes to education and earning. 

WFH is comfy, but is it a career killer?

The World Health Organization declared the pandemic over, and companies are calling employees back to the office. While it’s understandable why people aren’t happy about getting off the couch and back into a cubicle, it could be crucial to career growth.

Phone fraudsters are getting more aggressive

Have you ever answered an unknown number out of curiosity? More times than not, it’s a crackly-voiced person on the other end, offering you some service or product that sounds too good to be true—and probably is. 

How to settle your bill with the CRA

Finding out you owe money at tax time can be a significant source of financial stress, but don’t fret. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will work out a repayment plan with you—once they return to work.