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Why you may be waiting for travel compensation

If you had to suffer through last year’s summer and holiday season travel chaos, you (along with 40,000 other Canadians) might be owed some compensation—but don’t hold your breath waiting to get it.

Is there an end in sight for inflation?

The latest batch of inflation data contains some promising signs that inflation may be behind us soon enough, but in some areas of the economy, prices are still going up. 

Why isn’t your savings account making you more?

Canadians are earning nominal interest rates on their savings accounts—is it because we're complacent consumers?

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Ask any working parent across the country what their most significant source of stress is, and most will say the same thing—affordable childcare. The fed and provinces have agreed to a $30 billion, five-year deal to provide $10 per day childcare, but there's one problem: There doesn’t seem to be enough people to look after the youngsters. 

Big Grocery got grilled over food inflation

Who's to blame for staggeringly high food prices in Canada? According to the top brass at the country's three biggest grocery chains, it's not them—it's everyone else!

Granny got a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages are on the rise as retired Canadians look to use their home's equity to fund their golden years.

Should we get rid of tipping?

Last week I left a $30 tip on a $140 facial. I thought it was generous—an extra $15 for each hour the aesthetician worked—but she seemed unimpressed. I left the salon with glowing skin but a tight feeling in my chest, leading me to wonder: Am I a lousy tipper?

Why your 2-4 will cost more this spring

It’s a good thing Canadians are cutting back on their booze consumption because that happy hour cocktail or weekend case of beer is about to get pricier. 

Tourism is up, but so are travel costs

Seems like money ain't a thang for Canadian travellers who are throwing caution to the wind and booking (or re-booking) their long-awaited vacations—but rising costs across the board means budgeting for your 2023 escape is more important than ever.

Don’t get pressured into overpaying for a diamond

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but are they a good investment? That depends on how honest the salesperson is.