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The one thing Gen Z doesn’t want to talk about

Teddy Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy,” and it rings true for Gen Z—over a third reported feeling “left behind” because they don’t measure up to the lavish lifestyles they see online and it’s made money talk a taboo topic.

Coffee rewards are getting weaker

There’s change brewing among famous coffee shops’ rewards programs, and they’re about to get a lot less rewarding. 

The Bank of Canada explains it all

Broken trust is hard to restore, but the Bank of Canada (BoC) is trying its best to get back on Canadians’ good side by becoming more transparent about how and why it makes decisions around changing interest rates.

No one thinks debt is sexy

Roses are red, money is green, and lots of personal debt will leave your dating life lean. 

Will a robot steal your job?

If you're worried about being made redundant at work, remember it's not about you. It's a cost-cutting measure—because robots accept cache as payment!

The car math isn’t mathing like it used to

Get out of my dreams and into my car—once I can afford one. Road warriors and Sunday drivers can agree that buying a car is more expensive and confusing than ever before.

Wanna be a landlord? Try REIT’s first

We’ve all seen the ads—some guy sitting in his private jet touting the “foolproof” way to create wealth through real estate. But being a landlord isn’t all luxury planes and passive income. These days it comes with a lot of risk (and a huge upfront cost).

What’s new with taxes this year

Time to scrounge up those old receipts and grab a calculator—it's tax season! But this year, filing will be a bit different as some new rules and programs go into effect. 

Invasion of the AI hiring bots

Sending out your CV but not getting any bites? The issue may not be you—AI bots could be screening your resume before a human even sees it.

Getting a mortgage might get a lot harder

The country’s banking regulator has proposed creating more stringent lending rules that would make it more difficult to quality for a mortgage.