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Who needs a passport when you’ve got your face?

Physical passports and boarding passes could go the way of smoking sections on airplanes thanks to biometric technology. 

What happened: Next year, Singapore’s Changi Airport — ranked among the world’s best — will roll out a biometric system that lets travellers take off without having to flash their passports. The change will streamline operations as the airport welcomes more jet setters.
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How did a Vietnamese EV company get so big while selling so few cars?

You’d think that to be one of the world’s most valuable car companies, you’d need to move a lot of hot rods.  Well… you’d be wrong.

Driving the news: Buzzy Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) maker VinFast disclosed in recent regulatory filings that nearly two-thirds of the vehicles it sold in the first half of the year were purchased by a taxi company owned by its parent company, Vingroup.  
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Swoop…and it’s gone

A pilot pay bump that was supposed to solve WestJet’s labour retention issues and stabilize operations has resulted in the company shutting down its budget airline, Swoop.

What happened: WestJet will bring Swoop under its main wing, integrating employees and operations by the end of October. Swoop will honour its existing reservations through to the end of its published schedule, but the days of $100 flights to Los Cabos might be gone. 
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Uber wants you to share

Few experiences are more nightmarish than booking a rental car. Long lines, endless paperwork, and ending up in a 2004 PT Cruiser despite asking for a 2018 Honda Civic. 

Uber’s betting that people would rather skip all that and just borrow someone else’s car instead. 
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Charging station shortage poses EV roadblock

Around the world, the push is on to get people to drive electric vehicles, but one big hurdle persists even in the most EV-friendly places: There just aren’t enough charging stations. 
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Your Kia is (kind of) safe in Canada

A year after the “Kia challenge”—the “challenge” is to steal a Kia—emerged on TikTok, software fixes haven’t stopped thieves from continuing to make off with stolen cars. 

In Canada, Kia owners are better off—kind of. 

The surge in thefts started after videos were posted online detailing how to exploit the cars’ lack of auto-theft prevention technology. Called immobilizers, they block you from being able to start a car without a key, a basic feature you’d think all cars would have. 

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WestJet pilots threaten to walk, not fly

If you thought long weekend travel couldn’t possibly get any more chaotic, think again. 
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Scan face to board

You use your face to unlock your phone, so why not use it to board a flight?
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Porter Airlines spreads its wings

After Canadian airlines followed up a disastrous summer with a somehow even more disastrous holiday season full of cancelled flights and luggage ending up in donation bins, the bar is looking pretty low for Porter Airlines to swoop in and grab some market share.
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Canada needs more pilots

Somebody needs to make Top Gun, but for regular airline pilots, because the profession is facing a shortage and could really use a shiny new recruitment tool.
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