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What’s the deal with France’s election?

The Paris Olympics aren’t the only high-stakes contest taking place in France this summer.

Italian homes hit the market for €3

A rural town in southern Italy is hoping some cheap real estate will entice a few summer tourists to cancel their return flights. 

Driving the news: The village of Sambuca di Sicilia is auctioning off 12 houses with prices starting at just €3.

Europeans head to the polls

After voting wrapped up in India and Mexico last week, the biggest election year ever continues apace with perhaps the most pivotal European Union parliamentary elections ever. 

Driving the news: EU parliamentary elections end tomorrow. Nearly 400 million people in 27 member states are eligible to vote for representatives to the EU branch, which has the final say on the budget and elects the president of the executive European Commission.  

The biggest election in history nears its end

After 44 days, seven distinct voting phases, and hundreds of millions of ballots cast, today is the final day of voting in the Indian federal election — the world’s largest election ever.

Germany takes action against climate activists

From throwing potatoes at art to gluing their hands to airport runways, climate activists are growing bolder by the day, but so are the governments aiming to get them under control. 

What happened: Five members of Letzte Generation, a group of climate change activists, have been charged with “forming a criminal organization,” under Germany’s criminal code.

Putin wants to put fighting on pause

Authoritarian leaders, they’re just like us: They love taking on ambitious projects (be it starting a garden or launching invasions in neighbouring territories) only to try and quit them later on. 

What happened: Vladimir Putin is ready to negotiate a ceasefire with Ukraine that would pause fighting and recognize current battle lines, Russian sources told Reuters. Russia controls around 18% of Ukrainian territories, including Crimea, which it annexed in 2014. 

Russia and China are friends with benefits

In case you’re wondering what Vladimir Putin got up to during his state visit to China this week, it included a stop in “Little Moscow,” visiting a Soviet soldier memorial, and dreaming up plans to launch a rival singing contest to Eurovision (which banned Russia in 2022).

Most importantly, Putin was looking to firm up ties with the nation that threw Russia a lifeline after it invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

Why is a small French island territory revolting?

You know protests have gotten out of hand when the government bans both TikTok and alcohol sales — which is exactly what happened this week in New Caledonia. 

Driving the news: France has imposed a state of emergency on the Indo-Pacific island territory of New Caledonia after days of rioting killed five and injured at least 300 people. A thousand police reinforcements were sent in to “regain control” of certain areas. 

Panama’s accidental prez renews Canadian mining hopes

In an inspiring story for last-minute planners everywhere, José Raúl Mulino won the Panamanian presidential election despite being on the ballot for only two months.

Driving the news: Originally the running mate of Ricardo Martinelli — Panama’s president from 2009 to 2014 — Mulino stepped up after Martinelli was barred from running due to a money laundering conviction. Despite this, Mulino won the race with ~34% of the vote. 

Israel-Hamas negotiations escalate

Critical negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage releases between Israel and Hamas are back on as Israel moves further into the southern Gaza city of Rafah. 

What happened: Delegations from both sides headed to Cairo to negotiate a ceasefire and hostage releases hours after Israel said its military forces took control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing connecting to Egypt, where 1.4 million people are thought to be sheltering.