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Rich countries feel the migration surge

Make some room! International migration to advanced economies reached an all-time high last year, with estimates suggesting a further influx this year, per new OECD stats. 

Driving the news: Per the Financial Times, the OECD added ~6.1 million new permanent migrants across its 38 member nations last year, a 26% jump from the year before.

Israel plans to cut ties with Gaza

As the Israel Defence Force prepares for a ground offensive in Gaza, officials have confirmed their eventual plans for the territory following the war with Hamas. 

What happened: Israel’s defence minister said the country would cut ties with the Gaza Strip when the war ends. 

Who is Argentina’s presidential frontrunner?

As Argentines head to the polls, there’s a good chance their next president could be a man who has been compared to both Donald Trump and Wolverine

Driving the news: Argentina’s presidential elections are tomorrow. While most poll-watchers predict a run-off vote will be needed to decide the winner (which would be in November), smart money is betting that hard-right libertarian Javier Milei will eventually come out on top. 

Canadian diplomats pack their bags

A brewing diplomatic spat between Canada and India has gone from bad to worse.

What happened: After two weeks of high-level negotiations between Canada and India proved unsuccessful, 41 Canadian diplomats in the country are now hitting the road in search of (we assume) less contentious government appointments. 

Diplomats push to avert regional war in Middle East

Top US diplomats spent the weekend shuttling between Middle Eastern capitals in a bid to stop the war between Israel and Hamas from escalating into a broader regional conflict. 

What happened: President Joe Biden’s top security advisor Jake Sullivan said the US had privately warned Iran to stay out of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Gaza is under an evacuation order

Overnight, Israel’s deadline to evacuate Gaza City passed. What comes next is unclear.  

Driving the news: Just before midnight on October 12, the Israel Defense Forces called for the evacuation of northern Gaza within 24 hours, an area home to roughly 1.1 million people. 

Social media is awash in Israel-Palestine disinformation

Consider this a gentle reminder to not trust everything you see online.  

Driving the news: Social media is now flooded with news about the Israel-Hamas war, as happens when any major world event unfurls these days. However, experts warn that the speed and scale at which disinformation is being spread is unprecedented, per WIRED

European cities are cracking down on over-tourism

Soon, you’ll have to decide if seeing the Venice canals is worth the price of admission. 

Driving the news: Next year, Venice will become the first city to start charging an entrance fee for day-tripping tourists to ease overcrowding during the city’s busiest days, per The Globe and Mail. The fee aims to disincentivize tourists from visiting on 30-40 peak days.

The rise of the four-day school week

Today in ‘news that our child-selves would have celebrated but makes our grown-up selves feel a little uneasy’: Four-day school weeks are on the rise.

Driving the news: Four-day school weeks have become increasingly popular in the US, with 850 school districts adopting a shortened week for this academic year, 200 more than in 2021. It started as a trend in small, rural districts but is now spreading to larger communities

Athletes are turning to venture capital

If it seems like everyone you know (and know of) is becoming a venture capitalist these days… yes, yes they are.

What happened: Six-time Olympic medallist Andre de Grasse is joining a small group of elite athletes, including Serena Williams and Steph Curry, in the world of venture capital. Per The Globe and Mail, the sprinter has launched ADG Ignite Venture, a Canadian fund.