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The US shatters Ukraine’s NATO dreams

Today marks the start of a two-day NATO summit, where leaders will be discussing the most pressing issue of the day: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer  Ukraine’s odds of joining the alliance.

Driving the news: Ukraine’s path to NATO membership is rockier than it may have initially thought after both US and German leaders said the country wasn’t ready to be let in. 

Vladimir Putin had a chaotic weekend

When your colleagues ask how your weekend was, you can say, “Much more chill than Vladimir Putin’s, that’s for sure.”

Driving the news: Russia was engulfed by unrest over the weekend when mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin led his Wagner Group troops to within a few-hours drive of Moscow before abruptly abandoning his mutiny and going into exile.

Sub search turns up empty

Fears are growing that time has run out for the missing submersible Titan and its five passengers.

The latest: The search-and-rescue mission underway in the North Atlantic has yet to find the vessel, and US Coast Guard officials say its air supply will likely be gone around 6 am Eastern time.

A sweet tooth, in this economy?

Today in not-so-sweet news, the price of your favourite grocery impulse buy is on its way up. 

Driving the news: Cocoa prices have been steadily climbing as the demand for chocolate’s main ingredient outstrips supply. Cocoa futures—the pricing mechanism used to determine what to pay cocoa farmers—are up ~21% so far this year.

A $150 million maple syrup meth bust

According to the UN’s 2022 World Drug Report, seizures of methamphetamines are on the rise. The latest of these huge meth busts comes with a rather ridiculous Canadian twist.   

Canada’s awkward AUKUS situation

A new report co-authored by former national security advisor Vincent Rigby found that not only did Canada’s allies leave it out of the AUKUS security pact, they never sent an invite.  

The debt ceiling drama continues

It’s once again time to check in on the US debt ceiling debacle. Spoiler alert: Joe Biden and GOP lawmakers are no closer to reaching a resolution on raising the debt ceiling after the president met with Congressional leaders yesterday.

The US dollar may meet its match

Developing countries are teaming up to take on the global monetary order as we know it.

A new king is crowned

In case you haven’t been up since 4 a.m. waiting with bated breath and a full English breakfast, King Charles III’s coronation was this morning, generating fawning and furor. 

Friendshoring isn’t so friendly

To paraphrase The Beatles, we can always get by with a little help from our friends… but maybe we shouldn’t rely on them too much.