December 5, 2023

Brian Armstrong On The Future of Crypto

Crypto has been through a challenging period, with the sharp decline of prices in DeFI and NFT markets, the collapse of FTX, and Binance's CEO facing criminal charges. But with Bitcoin on a sustained rise, there are signs that the crypto winter may be ending. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong joins us to talk about what's next for the industry and his long-term vision for crypto.

  • 2:33 - After everything that's gone down in the sector, why should people still care about crypto?
  • 5:50 - What use cases for crypto is Brian most interested in?
  • 8:59 - Is crypto a useful hedge against inflation?
  • 12:00 - How crypto could shape monetary and fiscal policy.
  • 13:11 - How should people protect themselves from the volatility of crypto?
  • 15:32 - How does Coinbase make its money now, and how will that evolve?
  • 20:01 - What's the regulatory environment for crypto like in Canada?
  • 21:23 - As crypto becomes more regulated, do exchanges become just another centralized financial institution?
  • 24:36 - Brian's long-term vision for crypto and what motivates him.