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Bring on the meal deals

McDonald’s launched its much-hyped US$5 value meal promo in the U.S. as it tries to win back cost-conscious customers and dispel all those memes about how expensive it’s gotten.

Young investors are reshaping their portfolios

Young investors are trading long-standing investing tactics for things like crypto and collectibles.

Promotions are getting harder to come by

Canadian employers are planning to hand out fewer promotions this year than in 2023, leaving less opportunity for a new crop of entry-level employees to get their foot in the door.

Why are many Canadians struggling to find full-time work?

A growing number of Canadians are taking on part-time jobs, mostly because they have no other option.

Switching off your AC can save you money

If you want to save some money this summer, live like the Europeans do and try going without air conditioning.

Canadian kids are out on hockey

 Since the day that two-thirds of Canada tuned in to watch Sidney Crosby score the “golden goal” in the 2010 Olympics, hockey has been losing its cachet. 

IPO now stands for ‘I’d-rather-go Private, Okay’

 Newcomers to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) are filing out like bar patrons after last call.   

Ottawa is serious about having more fun

 Getting paid six figures to get a city to party more isn’t just a frat bro’s dream; it’s a real job. 

Canadians are feeling better about the economy

 If our therapist is to be believed, positive thinking yields positive outcomes. The same may be true for the economy.

More Canadians are working part-time, but not by choice

The latest jobs numbers show a growing number of Canadians struggling to find full-time work.

What happened: The ‘involuntary’ part-time employment rate — the share of part-time workers who could not find a full-time job or who worked part-time because of poor business conditions — hit 18.2% in May, up nearly three percentage points from the same time last year.