February 7, 2024

How Companies Are Responding To New Supply Chain Shocks

New year, new supply chain disruptions. Between conflicts in the Middle East impacting shipping in the Red Sea, drought paralyzing the Panama Canal, or the ongoing war in Ukraine, we are not done with supply chain disruptions just because the pandemic is behind us.

Polly Mitchell-Guthrie is with Kinaxis, a Canada-based supply-chain management platform, and on this episode of Free Lunch she shares with us how businesses are responding to the latest wave of supply-chain disruptions.

  • 3:38 - Overview of the big disruptions impacting supply chains today
  • 6:26 - What happens inside a company when their supply chain breaks
  • 10:40 - How long it takes before consumers start feeling the impact of supply chain disruptions
  • 12:33 - How companies are changing to make their supply chains more resilient
  • 17:40 - How much do companies actually know about suppliers in their supply chain
  • 23:00 - Is friendshoring actually going to happen?
  • 30:08 - Is there still room for supply chain normalization to reduce inflation?
  • 37:11 - Tech innovation happening in supply chain management
  • 42:21 - Risks to supply chains to watch for this year