June 13, 2023

Is Toronto's New Multiplex Law A Way To Solve Canada's Housing Shortage?

Toronto is one of the epicentres of Canada's housing crisis. And while you may not care about the city's housing regulations (unless you live there), they are impacting you. Buyers priced out of the city end up scooping up homes elsewhere, driving up prices in other parts of the country.

For a long time, Toronto hasn't done much to increase its own supply of homes. But that just changed: The city passed a new law making it possible to build multiplexes—up to 4 units in a single building—across the entire city.

It's a big change in theory, but how will it play out in practice? Chris Spoke, a Toronto-based developer and real estate investor, joins us this week to explain how the change is playing out on the ground, and whether legal multiplexes can actually make a dent in our housing shortage.